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      Pesa Treatment

      PESA Treatment in Bathinda, PESA in Punjab

      Azoospermia is the condition in which the male partner is not able to ejaculate. This condition is caused due to obstruction in the flow of semen from the body of the man. It may be caused due to the blockage of the flow of semen or due to problems in the production of sperms. The condition may be genetic or acquired due to infection, or an iatrogenic injury. If you suffer from such a condition, you can avail of PESA Treatment in Bathinda. Another option is TESA in Punjab which is also an ideal method of treatment.

      Some people may suffer from congenital anomalies but it accounts for only 2% of cases. Many men with cystic fibrosis also have the condition of congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens (CBAVD).There are two techniques which can be used to treat male infertility in men- Epididymal sperm retrieval & micromanipulation. These are used to provide treatment to men who have the congenital absence of vas deferens. Reproductive tract obstruction is used to achieve pregnancy with these techniques.


      PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is a procedure in which a small needle is inserted into the head of the epididymis through the scrotal skin layer. The sperms are retrieved after the fluid is aspirated. The sperm is then handed over to the embryologist who prepares it for ICSI.

      PESA Centre in Bathinda
      MESA Centre in Bathinda


      Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration (MESA) is a process that is used in obstructive azoospermia. In it, the epididymis is dissected under the operating microscope. The single tubule is used to make an incision in the epididymis. This results in the spill over of fluid from the Epididymal tubule into the Epididymal bed. The spilled fluid is aspirated.

      TESA and TESE

      TESE (testicular sperm extraction) is the technique that involves the biopsy of the testis. TESA testicular sperm aspiration is the process of sperm aspiration through the insertion of a needle and applying negative pressure. The aspirated tissue is sent for processing in the embryology laboratory where the sperm cells are extracted for the ICSI procedure.

      TESE Centre in Bathinda
      TESA Centre in Bathinda

      Sperm Retrieval-when to do it?

      The timing of sperm retrieval holds crucial significance. The step may be taken before the IVF or in conjunction with it. If the couple opts for advanced harvesting and freezing the sperm till the eggs are harvested, it is a choice that lets the couple makes a well thought out plan. It has up to 60% chance of finding the sperm.

      Harvesting the sperms and eggs at the same time may also lead to problems such as a lack of resources for going to or returning from the hospital and finding assistance at home. The choice has to be made by taking into consideration the above points and the preference of the IVF program. If we go by the opinion of the IVF laboratories, they show a preference for fresh rather than frozen sperm. Therefore usually the sperm retrievals are scheduled for the day the egg is retrieved.

      Microdissection TESE (MicroTESE)

      Microdissection TESE (Micro TESE) is the sperm extraction procedure in which the egg retrieval is undertaken a day before the female partner’s egg is retrieved. The reproductive endocrinologist performs it in coordination with the egg extraction process. It is performed at specific times every quarter. Diagnostic testicular biopsy may make slight predictions but again there are no absolute methods for detecting the presence of sperm. Even the blood test and germinal tests cannot predict it.

      So one can avail the sperm extraction processes and achieve success in the IVF technique. The male partner can opt for any aspiration technique depending on his condition and the recommendation of the best IVF Centre. one can avail of the sperm extraction processes and achieve success in the IVF technique. The male partner can opt for any aspiration technique depending on his condition and the recommendation of the IVF expert.

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