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      Hysteroscopic Polypectomy


      What is a hysteroscopic polypectomy?

      Hysteroscopic polypectomy is the surgical method that is performed to take out uterine polyps. These are a non-cancerous overgrowth of cells present in the inner wall or lining of the uterus.

      This procedure comes under the category of routine checkup which is not only limited to removing the polyps but is even suggested for cancer treatment. Undergoing the procedure will give you utmost relief from the symptoms and it even gives peace of mind. The minimum cost of the Hysteroscopic polypectomy in India starts on an average from Rs 14,400. Depending on the patient’s condition the cost of the Hysteroscopic polypectomy can vary.

      Do you know?

      Hysteroscopy and laparoscopy can improve the chances of conception as these procedures are minimally invasive. With the expertise of the doctor, you can get a better understanding of how this can prove helpful.

      What are the signs which tell you to have to get Hysteroscopic polypectomy?

      In most cases, when a person has polyps they are not even aware that they have this condition. You have to get a screening test to understand what is causing the symptoms. In most cases, polys are checked through the screening to have a better understanding of the condition. In many instances, the individual can get the screening to detect the presence and then later get it removed on the same appointment.

      Do you know?

      Polyps are an overgrowth of tissues that makes their reach to the hollow space in the body. The occurrence of polyps is common.

      How Hysteroscopic polypectomy surgery is performed?

      • First of all, the gynaecologist will check the polyp’s location and a surgical method will be done to perform the polypectomy. To perform this surgery, the doctor will give you local anaesthesia. Apart from that, there is no special requirement which has to be done. By administering the local anesthesia the patient will feel comfortable. During the surgery, the polyps are removed, and then this way the myometrium will not get disturbed. A number of instruments are used for the surgery like:
        • Mechanical instruments
        • Knife and loop electrodes
        • Biopsy forceps, grasping forceps, and scissors
        • Morcellators
        • Hysteroscopic polyp snare
        • Versapoint bipolar electrodes

        Once the anesthesia is given you will start feeling lethargic and this allows you to feel relaxed. In that case, the scope is used which helps to take out the polyps. The doctor will add the tube in the body which helps to prevent the need to make a large incision. When the scope is inserted into the vagina from the cervix area which goes into the uterus it allows the doctor to view the polyps properly.

      What does recovery feel like?

      • At the comfort of your home, recovery will be best. If your surgery is done by giving you general anesthesia then the doctor will suggest you stay in the hospital for at least one day or till the time the effect of anesthesia has not gone down. Just make sure till the time the anesthesia effect has not worn off, you should not drive on your own. Apart from that, there are certain symptoms which you can notice like:
        • Cramping (Kind of same as menstrual pain and goes away within few days)
        • Bleeding (Last for around 6 weeks)

        Although, if you notice the symptoms are not going away then getting medical assistance is the best choice for you.

      Important Points

      Eating or Drinking Not able to do so right away. You might feel sick due to the general anesthesia. In that case, you should eat a meal in small amounts.
      Taking shower Only if the doctor tells you you can take a shower. You might feel dizzy because you are given general anesthesia. In this, you should get someone to help you.
      Avoid Intercourse You have to avoid intercourse for one week or till the bleeding stops. By doing so, the risk of infection will get less.

      Around 2 weeks are required for you to get back to recovery. Pain might be there after the procedure.


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