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      Laparoscopic tubal recanalisation


      Laparoscopic tubal recanalisation or Laparoscopic tubal ligation is the most common & reliable approach for women looking for birth control options. Although, some patients want to get the results reversed. In medical language, this procedure is termed laparoscopic tubal recanalization. Following the surgery, the couple can try to get pregnant in the coming menstrual cycle. The results with this treatment are favourable.

      At Gem Hospital and IVF Centre, our experienced team of doctors will suggest the treatment plan according to your condition. This way, you will get to know about the cost of Laparoscopic tubal recanalization. Let’s understand the entire process in detail.

      What is meant by a Laparoscope and Laparoscopy?

      A Laparoscope is a thin tube that has a video camera attached to its one end. The doctor will use the tool by making a small cut. Through the video camera, the proper images of the inside of the body are seen and the doctor can see everything live on the monitor. Only because of the laparoscope, the surgeon can reach the body parts and even without making too much cut. The laparoscopy procedure comes under the category of minimally invasive surgery.

      What is laparoscopic tubal recanalization?

      Tubal ligation means tying the fallopian tubes together which is a type of contraception for women who don’t want to conceive. Although, if at any point you plan to conceive, then this can be reversed with the laparoscopy method. But, keep in mind, whether you can get the recanalization method or not will depend on different factors like:


      Ovaries function

      Our highly skilled surgeon will plan the right treatment approach for you and ensure that you can get the procedure done in the right approach.

      What happens before the procedure?

      First of all, the doctor will check your condition and then look at what the problem is.

      In addition, the doctor will tell you and your partner in detail regarding the procedure.

      Do you know?

      Laparoscopic tubal recanalization is only suggested when the fallopian tubes can get the reanastomosis and are in the right tube length.

      What happens during the procedure?

      The gynaecologist will perform the procedure by giving you anesthesia so that you don’t feel any pain. Initially, the doctor will make a small incision that is around half an inch long.

      Following the incision is made, the doctor will insert carbon dioxide in the abdomen which helps the surgeon to get an unobstructed view of all the organs and the surgeon will get the desired space to do the surgery.

      Then the surgeon will insert the laparoscope which allows us to see the fallopian tubes. At first, the tubes are untied and then the tube ends are attached.


      What does recovery feel like?

      After the surgery, you have to be in the post-operative ward, and in the meantime, your health will be looked at to ensure that there is no complication. The doctor will give you certain instructions which you have to bear in mind. To get back to your normal working routine it will take around 3 days. Some of the common guidelines are:

      No problem in bathing or showering after the surgery

      The bandage should be removed after 3 days

      Vaginal bleeding is normal for few days

      Few days of the menstrual cycle can be painful

      The menstrual cycle will be normal after 4 to 6 weeks of getting the surgery

      Avoid sexual intercourse for 1 week



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      If you would like to know about the procedure or want to get it done, then feel free to schedule your initial consultation with our IVF centre.



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