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      Female Infertility Treatment In Bathinda, Punjab

      Female infertility treatment in Bathinda, Punjab by Gem Hospital and IVF centre. Infertility is defined as when a woman is not able to conceive naturally even after trying for several months or one year. Infertility problem in women is very common which make it hard for the couple to conceive.

      What are the symptoms?

      The main symptom of female infertility is that you are not able to conceive. The menstrual cycle can be too long (around 35 days or more), irregular, too short (less than 21 days), or absent. At first, there are not any symptoms. Seeking the help of the doctor.

      • Below the age of 35: For women below the age of 35, the doctor suggests trying conceiving on their own for at least one year.
      • Above the age of 35: After trying for 6 months, you need to seek the help of the doctor.
      • Above the age of 40: In this case, the doctor will start the treatment right away after doing certain tests.

      Just keep in mind, that you choose the best fertility doctor and let them know everything so that they can start the treatment accordingly.

      Female Infertility Symptom

      What are the essential factors to conceive?

      • To conceive, it is essential that ovaries produce and release the egg which is known as ovulation.
      • For conception, healthy sperm is needed for fertilization. If the male partner is facing illness then it might be possible doctors do certain tests to evaluate the sperm’s health.
      • During the fertile window, you need to have sexual intercourse. Seek the help of the doctor as they will let you understand the most fertile time.
      • The uterus health and fallopian tube should be of good health.

      What are the reasons for female infertility?

      • Premature ovarian failure:In this case, before age, the ovaries stop producing healthy and quality eggs. No doubt, after the age of 40 the estrogen production decreases but if it happens before that it means fertility is affected.
      • PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome): This can result in hormonal imbalance which impacts the ovulation. It is linked with obesity and can also trigger hair growth on the face & body.
      • Blocked fallopian tubes: With damaged or blocked fallopian tubes it can become difficult for the sperm to pass and reach the egg.
      • Porcelain gets in excess: At times, the pituitary gland starts producing prolactin in excess which can trigger infertility because estrogen production is decreased.
      • Unexplained infertility: In some cases, the reason for infertility is not known even after doing various tests.

      What are the possible risk factors?

      There are various factors which can lead to infertility issue like age, smoking, health-related issue, weight, consumption of alcohol, and sexual history. It is important that you switch to a healthy regime and quit smoking as well as alcohol. In case of any doubt, or problem you should seek help from the IVF doctor or best IVF centre as they will help you get the best treatment plan.

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