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      Which are the most common signs of infertility you should not ignore?

      Which are the most common signs of infertility you should not ignore?

      common signs of infertility

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        Do you think trying to avoid a situation has ever benefited anyone? No doubt, if you are avoiding what is better for you is altogether a different scenario. But, here, my concern is towards health and infertility. Everyone knows that trying to avoid the situation creates a lot of trouble for you in the future. One of the things is fertility which needs your prompt attention. Here my problem is regarding fertility and what are the signs that tell me that reproductive health is going down.

        Are you trying to start a family?

        But due to your increase in age or old age, you are worried about how the journey will go. In this case, you must visit one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab and get yourself the expertise of the best fertility doctor. Getting medical assistance is necessary when trying to conceive for around six months to 1 year, but the results are not coming the way you want.

        Signs that you are infertile

        • Your menstrual cycle stopped

        Are you off your birth control? Following that, your body needs some time to get back on track. However, after three months, periods do not happen, then you need medical assistance. This situation means that you are not ovulating, and seeking medical help is essential. In such cases, the initial treatment is medications to stimulate the ovaries. Even that does not work, then the following options are suggested:

        • Injectable medications
        • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
        • In-Vitro-Fertilization (IVF)


        • Your menstrual cycle is not regular

        Don’t think that irregular periods are everyday things. If your menstrual cycle is not regular, then ovulation is affected, which is a sign of having an underlying health issue. Some disorders are likely to create a problem with the menstrual cycle like:

        With such conditions, the brain does not get enough signals to release the hormones, creating problems with ovulation.

        • You have bleeding in-between menstrual cycle

        If you have bleeding in-between the cycle or following intercourse, then it means the chances of having cervical lesion, fibroid, or uterine polyp. The doctor will first consider the symptoms to have a better understanding that it’s not cancer or any other serious issue.

        • Your period flow is way too much

        Do you have to change your pad or tampon every few hours? Have you had bleeding for more than seven days? Don’t think it’s normal, as it can signify uterine fibroids. Studies have shown that the chances of having endocrine abnormalities are higher due to bleeding problems. So, initially, the doctor will give you medications to manage the same.

        • Pelvic pain

        Do you have pelvic pain? Is the pain unbearable? There are chances you have endometriosis? Such a condition increases the chances of having scarring in the pelvic area. Moreover, it even affects the egg supply.