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Male Infertility Problems – Issues with sperms and the treatment options

Male Infertility Problems – Issues with sperms and the treatment options

Male Infertility Problems Issues with sperms and the treatment options

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Infertility issues are becoming common among couples. Both genders can get affected by infertility problems. According to recent statistics, male infertility problems are commonly observed among couples as compared to female infertility problems.

Male infertility

Male infertility is a condition in which owing to the problems in the sperm cells produced by the male partner. These problems can be categorised as the following:

  • Sperm motility

This problem defines the condition in which the produced sperm cells cannot reach the egg.

  • No sperms

When the semen is void. By void, we mean that there is no sperm production at all.

  • Few sperm productions

If the sperms are surely getting produced, but they are an insignificant quantity, then it comes under the male infertility issue.

  • Morphological defects

The sperms must have the ideal characteristics to fertilise the egg properly. But if there is any defect in the appearance of the structure of the sperms which is hindering the fertilization process, then it can be associated with infertility.

  • Dead sperms

In case, the semen is having dead sperms, then there is some problem with the reproductive capabilities which needs to be treated.

Treatment Options

Initially, the doctor will suggest some changes in the lifestyle ameliorate the problem but if those changes do not show up the required results, then the doctors will suggest the IVF treatment or the ICSI treatment:

  • IVF treatment

The IVF treatment involves fertilising the egg with the sperm. The resulting embryo is placed in the uterus.

  • ICSI

The ICSI is one of the fertility treatments in which the egg is attempted to be fertilized with a single sperm. The choice of the sperm is done through extensive research.

In both procedures, the male participant will be asked to provide a sample of his semen through masturbation. Also, the patient is told not to engage in any of the intercourse acts until he has provided his semen sample.

Bottom Line

If you are suffering from any kind of infertility problem, then make sure you are visiting us. We shall make sure that we will provide you with the ideal and cost-effective treatment.