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      Spem Report – Morphology, Motility, Sperm count, viscosity & Leukocytes

      Spem Report – Morphology, Motility, Sperm count, viscosity & Leukocytes

      Spem Report - Morphology, Motility, Sperm count, viscosity & Leukocytes

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        We are aware of the indispensability of sperm for conception. As long as the sperm does not fertilize the egg, it cannot become an embryo. For this reason, it is necessary to have healthy sperms. But owing to some factors, sometimes, there is a problem with the sperm cells which are refraining the female partners to conceive. In those cases, the gynaecologist in Punjab often suggests the male partners undergo a semen test. The fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab take into account the variegated parameters to detect the problems with the sperms.

        • Which important precautionary measure one should consider before giving the semen sample?

        The gynaecologist always suggests the male partners not ejaculate for a maximum period of the 3 days, because doing so will create a hindrance in obtaining the best semen sample.

        • How to understand the semen report?

        One can easily understand the semen report by paying attention to the below-mentioned factors:

        • First and foremost, the semen reports give every possible information about the aspects of the sperms.
        • The report will include both the count of the present sperms and the moving sperms. Noth the aspects are summarised in the percentage.
        • The morphology of the sperms generally gives an account of the emergence of the sperm. If the emergence is normal then the sperms can easily and swiftly penetrate the eggs to make them fertilised. If the problem in emergence will be brought about, then naturally the complication in the conception will occur.
        • What is meant by the concentration of sperms?
        • The concentration of the sperms means the total quantity of the sperms which are available in the particular millimetre.
        • But there should be an availability of almost twenty million sperms in each unit of a millilitre.
        • What is meant by sperm motility?

        The connotation of sperm motility is how many percent of sperms are moving. Normally fifty per cent of the sperms should be in the moment and that movement should particularly be straight and vertical.

        • What should be the ideal volume of the semen?

        When sperm diagnosis is taken place, then the volume of the semen is also considered. This volume should not be more than 5 millilitres. The ideal volume is considered 1.5 millilitres and more.

        • How important is viscosity for the conception?

        Viscosity is vital to detect whether the semen is having the right atmosphere for the sperms to flourish. Customarily, if the viscosity is particularly low and moderate then the semen is considered healthy.

        • What are leukocytes?

        Leukocytes are the white blood cells that are usually present in the semen in very negligible normal. The presence of too many leukocytes in the semen is not a healthy phenomenon and it needs the immediate attention of the gynaecologist.


        No doubt, the report is often narrated by the doctor or gynaecologist, still one should know about the necessary credentials and factors of sperm report.