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      What are the topmost fertility tips by experts to boost conception chances?

      What are the topmost fertility tips by experts to boost conception chances?

      What are the topmost fertility tips by experts to boost conception chances

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        When a couple comes to consult our gynecologist in Punjab, one of the common questions they ask is, ‘How to boost the conception chances?’. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF treatment, the doctor will suggest to you some of the necessary tips to improve the conception chances. When you visit the IVF centre in Punjab, the doctor will suggest the important tips, and our experts have shared them in this blog. Let’s talk you through some of them one by one for better understanding.

        • Maintain an Ideal weight

        You need to keep your body weight healthy. Do this with moderate exercise and focus on your diet. You should include vegetables and fruits in your diet. Go through the BMI calculator and check whether your weight is in the normal range or not.

        • Include prenatal vitamin

        The folic acid you consume has more prenatal vitamins as compared to the one you take regularly. Folic acid is important for the growth of the fetus. You should talk to the doctor to understand better what you need to take.

        • Stop smoking and coffee

        If you have a habit of both of these, then the pregnancy chances are affected to a great extent. Also, it even affects miscarriage rates. Smoking is known for affecting the ovarian reserve and the menopause stage may come early.

        • Get treatment for chronic health issues

        If you have the diabetes problem and high blood pressure, then it can affect your chances of conception to a great extent. Studies have shown that the pregnancy rate is affected & if your diabetes is not in control then it increases the chances of birth defects.

        • Keep a check on the menstrual cycle

        The menstrual cycle needs to be regular and it should be a 28-day cycle. If your cycle is 30 days, then ovulation will occur on the 16th day. You should have intercourse following the day of ovulation or before a couple of days of ovulation. By doing so means you get it done in the most fertile time.

        • Try ovulation predictor kit

        You should buy the ovulation predictor kit to look at the right moment of ovulation. When you get the positive test it means it is the perfect time for intercourse. Even 2 days after the positive test, you can do intercourse.

        • Do not bother much about body basal temperature

        You should not get stressed about the body’s basal temperature. In some cases, it can be helpful and for some, it might not be right. It is better to discuss with the fertility expert to understand what you should take into consideration.

        • Less heat exposure for male

        Male need to limit excess heat exposure which means avoid the use of saunas and hot tubs. Research has shown that loose undergarments might prove helpful, although you don’t need to wear them daily.

        • Book your consultation

        Timely medical intervention with the experts is important. Through this approach, it makes things easier to deal with and on time you will get the necessary information. If you have any doubt, feel free to consult with the medical expert.

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