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      What does a good IVF Centre be like? Which qualities should it possess?

      What does a good IVF Centre be like? Which qualities should it possess?

      What does a good IVF Centre be like Which qualities should it possess

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        Many couples are of the view that an IVF Centre in Punjab is only considered to be good if it has the potential to make the blessed with a healthy baby. But according to a gynaecologist in Punjab,” Sometimes the first cycle of the IVF fails because of variegated reasons, a good IVF centre in Punjab is that which takes into account to put an effort to carry out the second cycle of IVF again.”

        Qualities of the best IVF Centre

        A Good IVF centre is like Gem Hospital & Ivf Centre because it facilitates its patients with:

        • Friendly Consultation

        It is quite obvious that the couples who visit the IVF centres are very distressed because of the repetitive failed tries for conception. Thinking about the last resort of this problem, they take into account consulting with the expert gynaecologists of the IVF Centre. The gynaecologists of our hospital acknowledge your pain and even societal & family pressure.

        So whenever the couples oppressed with the problem of infertility visit us, we deal with them with the utmost compassion. Besides, the main objective of the initial consultation is to make the couple get open up with their gynaecologists who will be responsible for carrying out the treatment procedure.

        • Diagnosis

        Diagnosis is the main part of the treatment. Because without knowing the cause of infertility, the type of treatment can not be determined. The doctors of Gem Hospital & Ivf Centre make patients understand the precautions and preventions which are necessary to be taken before the diagnosis.

        For example: If the semen sample of the male is to be taken for sperm tests, then the male will be instructed not to engage in an intercourse act 1 week before the procedure.

        • Availability of the required doctors

        In many of the IVF Centres, there are only gynaecologists available who are responsible to carry forward the treatment procedure at each stage. But in the Gem Hospital & Ivf Centre, there is an availability of all the specialised IVF doctors whose skills and knowledge are needed at each stage of the procedure.

        Like: embryologist, Reproductive endocrinologists and surgeons, andrologist, Reproductive immunologists and medical specialists are the special staff which needs to be available.

        • Perpetual efforts of the doctors

        As we have discussed above, owing to some reasons the first cycle of the IVF fails, but the doctors of Gem Hospital and IVF Centre do not terminate the procedure if it fails in the first attempt. Rather they take a significant number of attempts into account to make the couples blessed with a healthy baby.


        The IVF procedures are not limited to providing the IVF treatment only, rather after the embryo is successfully implanted and the pregnancy tests have come out successful, we deem it our responsibility to carry forward your pregnancy. We supervise your trimesters so that you do not face any complications at the time of delivering the baby.

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