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      Power-Pact-Foods that should be consumed before & after getting pregnant

      Power-Pact-Foods that should be consumed before & after getting pregnant

      Power-Pact-Foods that should be consumed before & after getting pregnant

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        A tendency to eat healthy foods during the pregnancy as compared to the days when the woman has not conceived is most commonly observed. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, This is the answer to the question which is asked by many women. That is why they face complications in the pregnancy even though they are leading a healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy. Because the females keep up with the health standards in living before pregnancy then there are 101% chances that they will not have any problem during the pregnancy. Even when the woman is opting up for the fertility treatment from the IVF Centre in Punjab, then also the experts suggest the woman step in the halt lifestyle before they commence with the treatment.

        How is what we eat directly linked with fertility?

        Fertility is affected by several factors like the menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle and hormonal balances. All of these have to remain in the balance and regulation for the successful conception.

        But when these are not in the balance, then there are chances that the woman will face complications during the pregnancy.

        What should be the ideal eating lifestyle of the women?

        The ideal eating lifestyle of the woman should contain a lot of nutrients that could support her reproductive system to trigger the hormones in the required way and survive with the conception healthily till the delivery.

        • Dairy products

        Dairy foods are considered energy giving food. Make sure that even once a day you are eating even one of the dairy foods.

        • Legumes and Lentils

        Legumes and lentils are the ones that are crucially rich in proteins. Protein is quintessential for the body for recovery. So the woman should eat legumes and lentils in bulk since this content is required in the postnatal period.

        • Folic acid

        Have you ever wondered why fertility experts always include folic acid tablets in their prescription? It is because these tablets are accountable for triggering the fertility hormones appropriately.

        • Fats

        If you are among those who are confused about whether fat is healthy for the body or not because of so many opinions about this concept. Then we would like to make you come out of the confusion. There are two types of the fat on which these notions are coming up:

        • Unsaturated fat
        • Monounsaturated fat

        Unsaturated fat is gained from:

        • French fries
        • Fried foods
        • Spicy snacks

        But monounsaturated fats can only be obtained from healthy foods such as:

        • Avocados
        • Nuts like: walnuts, almonds, cashews etc.
        • Olive Oil
        • Carbs

        Like fats, the crabs are also of two types:

        • Bad carbs
        • Good carbs

        Bad carbs are found in the following:

        • Cakes
        • Biscuits
        • White rice
        • White Bread
        • Pizza

        But good carbs are attained from the following:

        • Brown Rice
        • Millets
        • Oats

        So make sure you are eating the good carbs as bad carbs consume a lot of energy of metabolic activities to get digested.


        Make sure before getting pregnant you have made your diet plan checked with a reputed and experienced gynaecologist or a nutritionist.

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