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      Which hospital is best for IVF?

      Which hospital is best for IVF?

      Gem Hospital and IVF centre Bathinda, Punjab is the best IVF centre In Punjab. Dr. Neera Gupta, Infertility Specialist provides specialized fertility treatment at our Test tube baby centre in Punjab.

      How do I choose the best IVF Centre in India?

      To select the best IVF centre in India you need to keep into account the following things:

      • Check the doctor’s experience.
      • Go through their website to check the credentials and other information
      • Check the availability of treatment options
      • Fertility treatment success rate
      • Check patient reviews and testimonials
      • Lab standards at their hospital or clinic
      • Following the safety precautions amid COVID-19

      Which country is best for IVF treatment?

      India is the most preferred destination for fertility couples all over the globe. Some of the top benefits of getting fertility treatment in India are:

      • Cost-effective

      One of the major reasons is the treatment cost in India is 1/4th as compared to developed countries. This means undergoing the treatment to stay in India is affordable than in other countries.

      • Success rate

      The success rate of IVF in India is fairly high and good in the whole world. Whether you choose embryo implantation, egg retrieval, or any fertility treatment success rate is high.

      • Improved and innovative technology

      Gem Hospital and IVF centre Bathinda is the preferred destination for the patients because of the advanced and innovative treatment methods. Some of the advanced fertility treatments are assisted laser hatching, freezing embryo biopsy, DNA fragmentation, oocyte & ovarian tissue, and personalized embryo transfer.

      • Rules and regulations

      The rules and regulations are simple and made to serve the people. You can talk to your fertility doctor for a better understanding of the rules which need to be followed to get the treatment in India.

      Moreover, fertility experts in India have handled complex cases from across the globe. Their experience and training have made them successful and build trust among patients.

      Can IVF work for the first time?

      Yes! If you are undergoing IVF treatment for the first time or doctors suggest it as the first option, it can help you conceive.

      Why does IVF fail the first time?

      Some of the possible reason for IVF failure in the first cycle are:

      • Female age

      As we all know as women age the egg count & quality decline. So, depending on what age you are getting the IVF cycle will make a difference. Like a woman undergoing the IVF cycle at the age of 30 will have higher chances of success as compared to a woman undergoing at the age of 40 with her own eggs.

      • Embryo quality

      Sometimes the embryo has a genetic or chromosomal abnormality and many other factors which eventually lead to IVF failure.

      • Ovarian response

      Sometimes women’s ovaries do not respond to the medication and it won’t produce enough eggs. If your body is not able to respond to IVF medications then it increases the chances of IVF failure.

      You should also talk to your doctor about what went wrong with the IVF cycle, to understand better what can be done in the next cycle.

      Can I use MediSave for IVF?

      Consult with our fertility expert to understand which fertility treatment you need to get and how Medisave can prove beneficial to manage the IVF funds.

      How do I choose a doctor for IVF?

      When you are planning to choose the best IVF doctor, make sure the doctor is on the medical board and certified. The certification should be from ICMR(Indian council of medical research board) and make sure the fertility doctor has done advanced training.

      Is IVF a painful process?

      No, the IVF procedure is not painful in itself. The various steps which are done to perform the treatment have slight discomfort or following conception what the women experience with normal pregnancy. Our fertility expert will be there to guide you through everything to make you feel comfortable and confident to get an IVF cycle.

      What age is good for IVF?

      One of the new studies has shown that women above the age of 44 can undergo the IVF cycle. Talk to our IVF expert for a better understanding.