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      Everything that you must know about the blockage in the fallopian tubes

      Role Of The Fallopian Tubes The fertility experts of the famous IVF centre in Punjab has pointed out the role of the fallopian tubes in simple terms as, “The thin tubes which are observed in either side of the uterus which are responsible for transferring the mature eggs to the uterus from ovaries ( which […]

      फैलोपियन ट्यूब में रुकावट किस प्रकार से होती है? रुकावट पैदा करने के कौन से मुख्य कारण है?

      एक महिला का जीवन माँ बने बिना अधूरा है| IVF Centre in Punjab के Gynaecologists के अनुसार, ” माँ बनने से एक महिला को सम्पूर्णता का आभास होता है|” परन्तु, यह सुख सब महिलाओं को इतनी आसानी से प्राप्त नहीं होता| कुछ दिक्क्तों के चलते, महिलाओं को IVF की सहायता भी लेनी पड़ती है| यहाँ […]

      What are the causes of the blocked fallopian tubes? How can IVF help to bypass this problem?

      It is important to have the fallopian tubes working when you are trying to conceive naturally. The predominant function of the fallopian tubes lies in the fertilisation process. To carry out the successful conception, only the fallopian tubes are responsible which fertilizes the egg with sperms. If either of the fallopian tubes is working, then […]