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What is IVF? What are the steps in the treatment and for whom it is beneficial?

What is IVF? During IVF, the eggs and sperm are collected from the ovaries & then fertilized in the lab. Once the embryo is formed it is put back to the women’s reproductive tract. When you have made the tough decision to start your own family, you must consult a gynecologist in Punjab. If you […]

What all you need to know about the options of fertility treatment in India?

Understanding fertility treatment When a couple consults the gynecologist in Punjab for family planning, especially those who are not able to conceive, they come across the fertility treatment options. The main aim of the fertility treatment given at the best IVF centre in Punjab is: Treat Infertility Problem conceiving a child Preserve fertility Limit the […]

Importance of bed rest for the woman who has undergone embryo transfer.

The last stage of IVF is embryo transfer. In this stage, the effort is induced to implant the fertilised egg that has now become the embryo in the uterus. Since this stage is critical for the accomplishment of fertility treatment, the woman has to take proper care of herself. And obviously, regular visits to a […]

Which are the top reasons women are not able to conceive on their own?

In the current scenario, many women are often diagnosed with infertility at their reproductive age. According to the team of the best IVF centre in Punjab, under the supervision of Dr. Neera Gupta have put together the real reasons women are not able to conceive. Our gynecologist in Punjab has helped several couples with infertility […]

What does a good IVF Centre be like? Which qualities should it possess?

Many couples are of the view that an IVF Centre in Punjab is only considered to be good if it has the potential to make the blessed with a healthy baby. But according to a gynaecologist in Punjab,” Sometimes the first cycle of the IVF fails because of variegated reasons, a good IVF centre in […]

Guide to – Infertility Diagnosis, Major Causes and treatment procedures

We are not unconscious of the fact that infertility cases are rising at a fast rate. So you can determine yourself after trying for one year to conceive, if you are still not able to conceive then, according to a senior gynaecologist in Punjab, it is an indication that you are oppressed with infertility. For […]

Everything you need to know about the issue of cervical polyps and infertility

Cervical Polyps and Infertility Infertility is an incessant situation that can trigger due to several causes. Some of them come are categorized as minor issues and some as major ones. Cervical polyps are the condition that comes in between. The major reason behind this condition is infertility. Consulting the best gynaecologist in Punjab will give […]

When should a woman visit a gynecologist or an obstetrician?

Women go through several problems during their life period. These problems may be related to the crooked menstrual cycle or menopause, Infertility, Pre, and postnatal complications. But as long as the women are facing these problems, a gynaecologist in Punjab is there to help with numerous precautionary measures and treatment. In the cases of infertility, […]

How to make sure that you have consulted the best doctor for infertility and IVF?

Overview Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases for women which cannot be explained in words. But, the women who choose the path of artificial means to conceive will be in doubt about what to do. Whether it is female infertility or male infertility, medical advancement has allowed us to have treatment options for […]