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Importance of bed rest for the woman who has undergone embryo transfer.

The last stage of IVF is embryo transfer. In this stage, the effort is induced to implant the fertilised egg that has now become the embryo in the uterus. Since this stage is critical for the accomplishment of fertility treatment, the woman has to take proper care of herself. And obviously, regular visits to a […]

What is ART technology and How to decide which embryo can be transferred during IVF?

A few decades ago if conventional approaches did not produce a response, an infertile couple might spend their entire life waiting for a baby. With the invention of ART, almost every infertility issue can be successfully tackled. To get this treatment, you need to visit the IVF centre in Punjab, and need to understand what […]

Are You Wondering To Know Everything About Blastocyst Transfer For Infertility ?

Here we briefly explained about Blastocyst Transfer for infertility and the process namely embryo transfer in which the doctor may inject one or more embryos in the woman’s uterus two to three days after the egg retrieval process.