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      फ्रोजन एम्ब्रियो ट्रांसफर (FET) कैसे मददगार है आईवीएफ के उपचार में ?

      फ्रोजन भ्रूण जोकि एक आधुनिक प्रक्रिया है, जिसका उपयोग आज के समय में लोगों के द्वारा ज्यादा किया जा रहा है। वही क्या है ये प्रक्रिया और आखिरकार आईवीएफ में कैसे मददगार है, के बारे में आज के आर्टिकल में चर्चा करेंगे, इसलिए फ्रोजन भ्रूण ट्रांसफरके बारे में जानने के लिए आर्टिकल के साथ अंत […]

      आईवीएफ उपचार में क्या है भ्रूण स्थानांतरण ?

      आईवीएफ उपचार जहा निसंतान जोड़ो के लिए महत्वपूर्ण स्थान रखता हैं। वही आज के लेख में हम बात करेंगे की कैसे आईवीएफ उपचार में भ्रूण को स्थानांतरित किया जाता है। इसके अलावा ये कैसे महत्वपूर्ण स्थान रखता है निसंतान जोड़ो के लिए हम इसके बारे में भी बात करेंगे, तो शुरुआत करते है आर्टिकल की […]

      What are the common myths and facts about embryo transfer?

      There is no doubt that there are many myths about IVF treatment that are getting popular, and this is happening just because of the lack of knowledge. However, if you are planning to get an IVF treatment, then it would be a great option for you to get in touch with the Gem IVF Centre […]

      What is the approach of carrying out the egg or embryo transfer?

      Egg & Embryo transfer both these steps are important to ensure the IVF cycle goes safely. The embryo transfer occurs on the 3rd or 5th day following egg retrieval. No doubt, some individuals opt for the frozen embryo transfer at the IVF Centre in Punjab which means the embryo frozen earlier will be used. If […]

      Expert tips, ‘Ensure to take care of your health following the embryo transfer’

      Transfer day is one of the most exciting times during the IVF process. No doubt, this is one of the important phases of the IVF cycle as it leads up to the journey of conception. Just make sure that the journey of embryo transfer goes as smoothly as possible and for this, you have to […]

      What is the role of an Embryologist while performing infertility treatment?

      Punjab: Infertility is the condition when it becomes difficult for the individual to conceive on their own. In such a case, you need to visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab and get the best treatment plan which improves your chances of conception. From the most basic to advanced treatment, the fertility doctor has an […]

      Is bloating normal after egg retrieval or embryo transfer with the IVF cycle?

      Bloating During IVF Stimulation – Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS) Are you feeling stuffed & bloated during the IVF cycle? OHSS is the expensive response with the medication consumption which is used to make eggs mature during IVF. If you have any concerns about the treatment, then ask it first when you visit the best Test […]

      Importance of bed rest for the woman who has undergone embryo transfer.

      The last stage of IVF is embryo transfer. In this stage, the effort is induced to implant the fertilised egg that has now become the embryo in the uterus. Since this stage is critical for the accomplishment of fertility treatment, the woman has to take proper care of herself. And obviously, regular visits to a […]

      What is ART technology and How to decide which embryo can be transferred during IVF?

      A few decades ago if conventional approaches did not produce a response, an infertile couple might spend their entire life waiting for a baby. With the invention of ART, almost every infertility issue can be successfully tackled. To get this treatment, you need to visit the IVF centre in Punjab, and need to understand what […]