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How are PCOS and Sleep Apnea linked to each other? Is there any treatment?

Overview When a couple plans to get fertility treatment at the best IVF centre in Punjab, various questions come into their mind. Initially, their concern is regarding the test tube baby cost and how they will manage it. On average, the cost starts from Rs 50,000. In many cases, women have PCOS and they wonder […]

What are the importance and predominant benefits of taking ERA (Endometrial receptivity array) into account?

Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Punjab: There has been an advent of the modern test which we all know by the name of the ERA (Endometrial receptivity array) that helps us to detect the following: Which will the ideal time for the embryo transfer How can we achieve the early success Does it happen usually? […]

IVF – Are you eligible? Which are the various approaches to achieve conception?

The couples who are not able to conceive even after several attempts get disheartened. But why do they get disappointed? Since got does not send any problem without offering its solution. So the result-oriented solution for infertility problems is IVF. But the matter of fact is when should the couples take the help of IVF? […]

Is it possible to track ovulation with irregular periods? What can I do?

If you are planning to conceive, then you will be told by your gynae to track ovulation. As it helps increase the chances of conception and you can plan your pregnancy. But, what if your menstrual cycle is not regular? In that case, it might seem to keep track of the ovulation cycle. Although, certain […]

Why is ovulation induction treatment best for unexplained infertility?

Ovulation Induction for Unexplained Infertility The ovulatory disorder is one of the common reasons behind infertility. Its prevalence is around 15% for couples who are infertile and 40% for women with unexplained infertility. Studies have shown that women ovulate every month, but it is difficult for them to conceive naturally. This shows that the woman […]

What is HSG and how is it done? Why is it suggested by the fertility expert?

HSG test If you are trying to conceive for a long time but are not able to get success, then HSG is one of the important tests suggested by the fertility expert. With the HSG test, it will help you understand better ‘What is making it difficult for you to conceive?’ The procedure is done […]

Azoospermia: Everything you need to know about the azoospermia problem

Overview Azoospermia is not a very common problem in men. In medical terms, it means there is no sperm present in the semen. Azoospermia in males is seen in around 1 out of 10 men who have fertility issues. In such cases, the associated reproductive technology can help the men to have genetic offspring. In […]

What are the various Sexual problems in Males? What you should do?

Overview Many men struggle with their sexual performance. It is common to experience sexual problems in your life. Sexual problems can occur due to different reasons like: Health issue Stress Relationship problem Other issues Male sexual problems can be addressed by consulting your sexologist. It is important to understand that sexual problems can be treated […]

What are the different fertility tests which are done for men and women?

Overview Fertility tests are an important part of the treatment and to evaluate the patient’s condition. When you consult the best gynecologist in Punjab it will help you understand what is preventing you to get pregnant. Your gyne will do some basic testing and if the condition is severe then you will be referred to […]