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      How many injections do I need to get for planning IVF treatment?

      How many injections do I need to get for planning IVF treatment?

      Injections Used For IVF

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        Fertility Treatment – What’s the count of injections for IVF?

        When you plan for IVF, it’s a whole process that you need to prepare yourself for. When you visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab, the doctor guides you properly in planning the fertility journey and conception through effective means of treatment. Just make sure to get the doctor’s assistance to achieve the appropriate level of family planning. Now, here comes the most important part of the IVF cycle, and that’s the use of IVF injection to increase the overall effectiveness. The blog will highlight in detail the IVF injections that are used to boost the overall chances of pregnancy and make sure each & every step goes in the right manner.

        Injections used for IVF cycle and It’s timeline

        Injection Timeline
        Lupron – The 1st IVF injection The injection is given at the beginning of a woman’s cycle i.e., the 21st day. The injection is given for 21 days.
        FSH products – It can be intramuscular or Subcutaneous The FSH medications allow the eggs to stimulate the ovaries to achieve the necessary development stage. The injection is given for nine days.


        *Subcutaneously: Injected into the fat under the skin

        *Intramuscular: Injected directly into the muscle

        Considering everything your doctor will tell you in detail about the Test tube baby Cost in Punjab for your condition. So, it’s proper planning, and you need to consider every essential factor to improve the chances of conception.

        What changes can I expect from IVF injections?

        IVF injections are the first thing about the treatment to boost ovulation. While this happens, the doctor makes sure to take all necessary measures and keep a proper check on your well-being. The use of IVF injections can show the following changes:

        • Hormonal injections are a common concern to show the change in body and dietary intake. In case you notice weight gain on a continuous basis, then consult the doctor.
        • The injections are known to target hormones and overall behavior. So, it’s common to experience a change in emotions and stay overwhelmed all the time.
        • There’s a higher possibility of having gastro-related problems. It’s important to keep your diet properly and drink enough water.
        • Stress and anxiety are common with IVF injections. Make sure to calm yourself down and meditate.

        What’s the total count of injections for IVF?

        The use of IVF injections is mentioned above in the table. Now comes the part of understanding the total count. Well, it all depends on your treatment cycle like:

        • Every IVF cycle requires 90 shots that are injected around 1 to 2 per day

        Bear in mind the doctor then suggests some additional supplementation if something else is required to ease the process.

        How can I prepare myself to take IVF Injections?

        For the women undergoing the IVF treatment, the concern is about ‘How to easily take IVF injections?’

        • Get all the necessary information about the process, side effects, and its management.
        • You can discuss with the doctor to begin CBT to deal with injection phobia. This allows you to prepare yourself for the same.
        • Use an ice pack or heating pad to numb the area before the shot.

        But here’s the trick!

        • Subcutaneous shot – Apply an Ice pack for around 15 to 20 seconds to numb the area.
        • Intramuscular shot – Use a heating pad for 10 to 15 minutes to help relax the muscles.


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