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      7 Issues that the females feel shy to discuss with their gynaecologist

      7 Issues that the females feel shy to discuss with their gynaecologist

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        No doubt, every female suffers from the same issues, but still, they feel reluctant to discuss those issues publicly even with the females. This is the main reason that 40% of the infertility cases are not reported and thus not treated. Some people are embarrassed to talk about infertility while some do not raise the issue, since they know the ultimate treatment alternative will be IVF and they cannot afford the test tube baby cost in Punjab . But before thinking about anything on your own, you should consult with the fertility experts of the IVF centre in Bathinda.

        But the women need to discuss their reproductive health problems with the doctor without any hesitation. 

        In today’s article, we shall be discussing all the important topics which the women should discuss with their gynaecologist, but they are too shy to do so. 

        So let us begin: 

        Personal Health history (Verbal discussion)

        If you think that you need not mention your medical history verbally in the consultation with the doctor, then you are wrong. Instated, you should take an effort to make the doctor know about the following: 

        • The ailments which have mentally and physically retarded you. 
        • The date when you had your last periods. 
        • You should not forget to discuss the abnormal periods 
        • If you are taking any prescribed or non-prescribed medicine currently. 
        • If you have any allergies from the drugs or the latex. 

        Family history 

        If any of your family members are suffering from any health problem, then you should make a mention of it, when you are consulting the doctor. It could be related to any diseases like the following: 

        • Thyroid disorders 
        • Heart diseases 
        • Cancer 
        • Diabetes 
        • Blood pressure 
        • Fluctuations in the blood sugar levels

        About the vaginal discharge 

        Every woman does have a vaginal discharge. To have the discharge is completely normal and the frequency of the discharge in each woman is significantly different in each woman depending upon the medical condition of the women. 

        But there is an ideal colour and consistency of the discharge. You should own it. If you do not experience the right colour and consistency, then it is a matter of what you should disclose in the gynaecologist consultation. 

        Bleeding Amount during periods 

        Usually, women do not have the right information about the bleeding amounts to be encountered during the periods. It should neither be too less nor in excess. If your periods are staying for more days than they usually used to then it is also a matter of concern and the doctor should be told about it. 

        Pain during sex 

        Sex is deemed a hugely confidential thing in India. Although the couple tends to do it daily, they feel shy to discuss the issues regarding it. What hypocrisy! Sex is not only something from which you gain pleasure. Health sex can truly contribute to the maintenance of health. But if you are engaging in unprotected sex regularly, then you may encounter some kind of the STDs

        Not able to conceive 

        Usually, the women are not able to choose the right words to tell the doctor that they have been trying for a long to conceive but are emerging as unsuccessful in their attempt

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