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      A Happy Story Created At Gem Hospital & IVF Centre

      Conception is not the same for all because some individuals can achieve it without any problems, some can achieve it after trying for a long time, and some are not able to achieve it at all. Not being able to conceive even after trying for too long can lead to sadness and frustration. However, with […]

      Why undergo IUI? How is it different from the IVF procedure? Why does it fail?

      IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. This procedure is particularly used when the conception with the help of the natural method is not possible. There are cases in which it happens, that the eggs are of good quality but the quality of the sperms has completely deteriorated. In those situations, it becomes important to opt up […]

      क्या बाँझपन सिर्फ महिलाओं में ही पाया जाता है? मेक उप किस पप्रकार इनफर्टिलिटी कारण है?

      भारत में लघभग तीन करोड़ दम्पत्तियाँ ऐसी है  जो की किसी न किसी कारण के तहत इनफर्टिलिटी से  झूझ रही है| क्या आप सोच सकते है उनका दर्द? जब एक जोड़ा पिछले कई महीनो से बच्चा करने में असमर्थ होता है तो उनके दर्द  की परिभाषा देने के लिए लफ्ज़ कम पड़ जायेंगे |  यदि […]

      IVF से जुड़वाँ बच्चे होने की सम्भावना किस प्रकार बढ़ जाती है?

      जब एक स्त्री प्राकृतिक रूप से माँ बनती है तो जुड़वाँ बच्चे होने की समभावना केवल ६% होती है | परन्तु, अगर गर्भ्र IVF तकनीक के द्वारा धारण किया जा रहा हो , तो यह समभावना बढ़कर ४० से ५० % हो जाती है| इसका कारण है, पहली बार में बच्चा करने का प्रयास| कई […]

      Which situations convince you to take up the IVF and the ICSI procedure?

      ICSI is a procedure that is sought by those couples who are facing difficulty in conceiving with the help of the natural procedure. According to the fertility experts of the Best IVF centre in Punjab, “Many of the people are of the view that IVF procedure is the only ART procedure which can help with […]

      Comprehensive guide on erectile dysfunction.

      Nowadays, people do not follow a proper diet, due to which they are suffering from different health issues, including sexual problems. Erectile dysfunction is a common problem in males, and it is the inability to obtain or sustain an erection firm enough for sexual activity. Many are worried about IVF’s prices, and the IVF Cost […]

      7 Issues that the females feel shy to discuss with their gynaecologist

      No doubt, every female suffers from the same issues, but still, they feel reluctant to discuss those issues publicly even with the females. This is the main reason that 40% of the infertility cases are not reported and thus not treated. Some people are embarrassed to talk about infertility while some do not raise the […]

      Define Aspermia.

      Male infertility is mainly caused by a disorder called Aspermia. It stops semen from releasing. A male suffering from Aspermia does not have low sperm counts; instead, there is no ejaculated fluid at all. The underlying cause of this ailment and a precise diagnosis determine the course of treatment. When ejaculation is absent, men with […]

      Premature Ejaculation: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

      Sexual problems have become common in the current era. Many couples face issues during intercourse; these sexual problems can be premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, arousal disorder, low testosterone, painful intercourse, etc. Different factors can cause these issues and sometimes may also cause infertility. You must consult the best IVF centre in Punjab if you consistently […]