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      Define Aspermia.

      Male infertility is mainly caused by a disorder called Aspermia. It stops semen from releasing. A male suffering from Aspermia does not have low sperm counts; instead, there is no ejaculated fluid at all. The underlying cause of this ailment and a precise diagnosis determine the course of treatment. When ejaculation is absent, men with […]

      Male Factor Infertility: All you need to know about the sperm extraction options

      Male factor infertility: How to extract sperm? The diagnosis of male factor infertility is nerve-wracking for couples to understand which treatment to seek. The emotional journey of infertility starts when the Gynaecologist in Bathinda breaks the news that the couple can’t conceive naturally. And after that, knowing that the male partner has infertility, it’s the […]

      Male Infertility: 7 effective ways to help improve male fertility

      How to improve male infertility? When an infertile partner comes into our IVF centre, their primary concern is to know, “How to improve fertility?” Indeed! Asking such concerns to boost fertility health is essential to take the proper steps. Such a situation is not just among women, as even men encounter infertility issues. So, when […]

      What are the causes of pain and swelling in testicles? Can it lead to infertility?

      Do you have swelling of the testicles? Do you have pain in your testicles? What does it mean? Male reproductive gland need proper care The male reproductive gland is responsible for producing sperm and testosterone, which happens through the testicles. It’s one of the essential parts of managing male fertility levels. Although, testicles are known […]

      5 major causes of male infertility that you should know about

      Infertility is one of the common concerns which is increasing all around the world. Moreover, this concern is not limited to women, as even men have this condition. It’s true that to get pregnant, the reproductive health of both men and women deserves equal attention. So, if there’s a case of male infertility, then it […]

      Everything you need to know about IVF for male infertility treatment

      IVF cycle for male infertility Scheduling your initial consultation at the Best IVF Centre in Punjab will make you understand better how Assisted Reproductive Technology can benefit you. At our fertility clinic in Bathinda, many couples have been able to boost their conception chances through the IVF cycle and even in the case of male infertility. […]

      वीर्य स्खलन की समस्याओं के प्रकार क्या होते हैं ? इसका उपचार कैसे होता है ?

      वीर्य स्खलन समस्या (Ejaculation problems) समय से पहले वीर्य का निकलना बहुत ही आम समस्या है | यह समस्या उस वक्त में होती है जब यौन क्रिया के समय बहुत ही जल्दी स्खलित हो जाता है | समस्या से झूझ रहे पुरषो को सही समय पर उपचार करवाना चाहिए | यदि ऐसा है की आप […]

      Azoospermia: What are the causes of no sperm and what are its sign?

      Azoospermia: No sperm in the semen For a successful pregnancy, sperm and egg have to meet which forms a healthy embryo. But, in some cases, the man has a condition of no sperm in the semen. In medical terms, this condition is known as azoospermia. In the best IVF centre in Punjab, around 1% of […]

      Necrozoospermia: What are the treatment options for Necrozoospermia?

      Have you ever heard that male sperm can be dead? In medical science, there is a term for this condition which is known by the name of Necrozoospermia. Often it is misinterpreted as low sperm count which is not true. WHAT IS NECROZOOSPERMIA? Male Infertility is a common problem and there are various reasons for […]