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      Everything you need to know about IVF for male infertility treatment

      Everything you need to know about IVF for male infertility treatment

      Low sperm count Treatment In bathinda

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        IVF cycle for male infertility

        Scheduling your initial consultation at the Best IVF Centre in Punjab will make you understand better how Assisted Reproductive Technology can benefit you. At our fertility clinic in Bathinda, many couples have been able to boost their conception chances through the IVF cycle and even in the case of male infertility. If the male partner is experiencing a problem then it is essential to check the semen analysis to understand the exact cause of the condition.

        Is there any other option instead of IVF for male infertility?

        If there is a hormonal imbalance like the testosterone level is extremely low, then the doctor will suggest you take fertility shots or Clomid. In case, the sperm count is extremely low or hormone level is not right then IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is recommended. In case, there are anatomical abnormalities then you may be suggested to get further testing done by consulting the best urologist. Only after the test results, will it be understood properly what type of treatment plan you need. The treatment of IVF is often the best choice to boost the conception chances manifold.

        What is the scenario when the IVF cycle is suggested for male infertility?

        With semen analysis, if it has come to light that the sperm concentration is extremely low then IVF is suggested. In this case, the success chances are way more than as compared to IUI or timed intercourse. Even if there are various infertility reasons, then also IVF is the best choice. Here are some of the major reasons:

        • Ovulation difficulty
        • Low sperm count
        • Advanced age

        With IVF, the conception chances of a couple are increased manifold because of the way this treatment works. Here are major reasons which tell that IVF is the best choice:

        • If there is a case of poor sperm motility then eggs are fertilized during IVF. Both egg and sperm are kept together in a controlled environment. This way, the sperm, and egg can meet each other & the fertilization procedure will be done.
        • Studies have shown that even a low sperm count has the chance of boosting the fertilization rate.

        What is the option for a severe case of male infertility?

        As the sperm and egg meet in the lab, which means that there will be not any sort of issue that it will be lost in the female reproductive tract. It is important to have enough sperm count so that it can meet the egg and then fertilization will happen. So, if there is a case of severe male infertility then the doctor will suggest you:

        • IVF with ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

        During ICSI, single sperm is selected and put back into the egg which improves the fertilization chances. The sperm is going to be retrieved from the body by performing the biopsy. It is considered one of the most effective options to address male infertility.

        How is semen collection performed for IVF?

        When you visit Gem Hospital and IVF Centre, you will be asked to provide the semen sample with the egg retrieval method. If the sperm count is extremely low then the semen sample is frozen to boost your chances of conception and the egg will be fertilized.

        If you are having problems conceiving then schedule your initial consultation with our fertility expert.


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