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      What Are The Causes Of The Abnormal Periods? When Are Periods Considered Normal?

      Those 4 Days Should Be Regular! Have you got what I am going to talk about? Yes, you are right! I am going to talk about the periods. Those 4 menstrual days are no doubt the difficult phase for any female, but such is God’s Grace that you have to endure that pain if you […]

      What are the effects of diabetes on reproductive and sexual health?

      Diabetes is known to have a considerable effect on reproductive health. The fertility experts at the IVF centre in Punjab have observed that 80% of the infertility cases have come into existence owing to diabetic problems. The test-tube baby cost is considerably low in India as compared to the other countries, this is the main […]

      Is it possible to track ovulation with irregular periods? What can I do?

      If you are planning to conceive, then you will be told by your gynae to track ovulation. As it helps increase the chances of conception and you can plan your pregnancy. But, what if your menstrual cycle is not regular? In that case, it might seem to keep track of the ovulation cycle. Although, certain […]

      What is stillbirth? What are its major causes and how to reduce the risk?

      A stillbirth occurs following the 20th week of pregnancy. Due to this time, the mother feels kicks, tiny flutters, and movements from the infant. By the 20th week, it is normal to have ultrasound images to check the baby and mostly these are vivid. During the ultrasound, it is possible to see the baby’s hands, […]

      Is it true multiple abortions can reduce your chances of future pregnancy?

      What is abortion? In medical science, abortion is used to end the pregnancy so that the baby cannot be born. No doubt, pregnancy is one of the important parts of any woman’s life. In some cases, there are certain compilations or the time is not right then the difficult decision of abortion need to be […]

      Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccination? Can it affect fertility?

      We hope that all of you are doing good this time! We all are familiar with the current situation and how it is affecting & creating confusion in everybody’s life. From professional to personal life, many things have come to halt. Due to COVID-19, there are many pieces of information and it is difficult to […]

      How many fertility tests are carried out during the IVF procedure?

      If your age is not more than 35 and you have been trying to conceive for 12 months, then visiting a gynaecologist in Punjab will be a better alternative. According to the fertility experts of the famous IVF centre in Punjab, it is better to approach an obstetrician if they have not been able to […]

      What are the topmost fertility tips by experts to boost conception chances?

      When a couple comes to consult our gynecologist in Punjab, one of the common questions they ask is, ‘How to boost the conception chances?’. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through IVF treatment, the doctor will suggest to you some of the necessary tips to improve the conception chances. When you visit the […]

      How does the length of the menstrual cycle affect the chances of pregnancy?

      Impact of menstrual cycle on fertility According to one of the studies, women who had cycles of 26 days or less have reduced chances of conception or fecundability. On average, the cycle length was 29 days. Women who begin menstruation at 12 years of age or 15 & older have reduced fertility as compared to […]