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      Can your baby be nourished in another woman’s womb? How is it possible?

      According to the experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “Surrogacy is one of the assisted reproductive techniques. Those couples in which the female partner is not able to nourish the baby in her womb go for the surrogacy technique. This technique allows the couples to have a baby by being the biological parents of […]

      For which fertility treatments, Gem Hospital & IVF centre is famous?

      According to the experts working in the Gem hospital and the IVF centre in Punjab, “Infertility treatments are required to step in the life of the couples where the natural ways have come out to be completely ineffective. But many couples still don’t know what exactly happens in infertility treatments.” In infertility treatments, the embryo […]

      What is cosmetic gynecology? What are the options for cosmetic gynecology?

      What is Cosmetic Gynaecology? Cosmetic gynecology is the medical approach to address vaginal problems. For this, both surgical and non-surgical options are included. Although, its approach is still new in India. With cosmetic gynecology, it helps women to feel beautiful about the way they look. In this medical field, both surgical and non-surgical treatment options […]

      Will taking birth control make it difficult to conceive naturally?

      Do you know, ‘What’s one of the greatest ironies in life?’ When a woman’s fertility is at a peak she takes measures to prevent pregnancy and once she is ready she faces difficulty. We all know this could happen but still, we try to ignore the situation and in the future, we have to face […]

      What are the 5 topmost tips which can help you find the best infertility centre?

      We cannot deny the fact that we all are leading a stressful life which is the reason we are having several health issues. With these health problems, an individual is having problems conceiving on their own. Like for other health issues you need to take doctor assistance in the same manner you need to visit […]

      5 topmost factors to consider before selecting a sperm donor in India

      Overview If you are trying to conceive for a long time, but your attempts are unsuccessful, then donor sperm will be the option for you. Your dream to become a parent can be fulfilled with donor sperm. Like with any other medical procedure, it is important to do some medical research, the same goes with […]

      How safe is the COVID vaccine for women who are breastfeeding after delivery?

      Introduction We are in the middle of the 2nd wave of pandemics and another wave is expected to occur at the end of this year. To prevent this situation, vaccines are one of the important things which everyone needs to get on time. Although, many people have concerns regarding the vaccine and whether breastfeeding women […]

      Should pregnant women get the COVID-19 vaccination? Can it affect fertility?

      We hope that all of you are doing good this time! We all are familiar with the current situation and how it is affecting & creating confusion in everybody’s life. From professional to personal life, many things have come to halt. Due to COVID-19, there are many pieces of information and it is difficult to […]

      What are the different fertility tests which are done for men and women?

      Overview Fertility tests are an important part of the treatment and to evaluate the patient’s condition. When you consult the best gynecologist in Punjab it will help you understand what is preventing you to get pregnant. Your gyne will do some basic testing and if the condition is severe then you will be referred to […]