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      Everything you need to know about undergoing the Semen Analysis.

      Everything you need to know about undergoing the Semen Analysis.

      Everything you need to know about undergoing the Semen Analysis

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        Infertility affects many couple’s relationships. In many cases, the reason for infertility is because of a male partner. In that case, the men need to get a semen analysis. This test helps to tell how sperm your partner has and how many of them are normal. If you are facing a problem, then you should get in touch with our fertility expert at the IVF Centre in Punjab.

        When do you need to get the test?

        The semen analysis should be done 2 to 3 days after you abstain from intercourse. If the period is short or long it can affect the final results.


        What is the test for the procedure?

        • The patient will be given a sterile, clean, and non-toxic container.
        • The plastic cover should be named and your name needs to be written on it.
        • The sample is taken by masturbation.
        • During intercourse, do not take the sample because in the first sample the sample should get lost.
        • Do not use condoms during collection as there is a substance that kills sperm.
        • If the sample is brought from home it needs to be delivered within half an hour.


        How semen is tested?

        • First of all, semen liquefaction will be checked. After ejaculation, semen becomes a thick gel and it is thinner fluid within 30 minutes. If the semen is thick it is going to affect the sperm movement.
        • After that, the PH level is tested and it should be between 7.2 to 7.8. If the PH level is higher than the chances of infection are increased.
        • Semen contains fructose and its absence indicates that glandular secretions are not there.


        Sperm concentration

        The total number of sperm is checked through the millions per milliliter. On a normal basis, the sperm sample should be 39 million. It is lower than that it will reduce fertility.


        Sperm motility

        Sperm motility refers to the moving sperm. Sperm movement is graded from 0 (non-motile sperm) to 4 (rapidly moving sperm).


        Sperm appearance

        The sperm midpiece, tail, and head is checked. If the abnormal sperm is in excess then fertility will reduce.


        Sperm vitality

        Whether the sperm are living or dead can be testing the sperm with the eye. Around 58% of the sperm should be living.


        Important terms used in the test

        • Aspermia – Semen absence
        • Asthenozoospermia- Low sperm motility
        • Azoospermia – Sperm absence
        • Oligozoospermia- Low sperm count
        • Teratozoospermia- A greater number of sperms with abnormal appearance


        What are the other things you should know?

        If the results are not normal, then you need to undergo further testing which helps to know where exactly is the issue. When the patient gets the right treatment it makes it easier for them to address the issue.

        As per the test report, the fertility expert will tell you whether the desired results are achieved with the test or not. But, this won’t tell you about sperm functioning. Tests should be done again to check the sperm absence.