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      Which type of IVF treatment will improve my chances of conception?

      Which type of IVF treatment will improve my chances of conception?

      Types of IVF Cycle Which One To Get

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        Are you planning to start your family?

        Did you think it would be a smooth ride? But now you are facing a problem in planning your pregnancy. In a medical sense, the patients struggling to conceive independently are termed as infertile. The condition is known as INFERTILITY. With that said, medical advancement has made it easier to help the childless couple have hope with them, and that hope is termed IVF (In-Vitro-fertilization) treatment. At one of the best IVF Centre in Punjab, the fertility doctor will give you the necessary treatment plan by analyzing your condition thoroughly and accordingly suggesting the effective IVF type for your case.

        Types Of IVF Treatment

        For planning your family, medical science advancement plays an imperative part. There are instances where a couple will have trouble conceiving on their own, and it might seem like the journey is extremely tough to get completed. But, one thing is certain: With the IVF cycle, the entire perspective is changed, and the fertility doctor will give the treatment plan by analyzing the patient’s condition. Additionally, the Test tube baby cost on an average is around Rs 50,000, and there are various factors that are considered to analyze the cost factor.

        Now, the type of IVF treatment is ideal for you that is analyzed by checking different factors. Let’s have a look at the different types of IVF treatment:

        • Conventional IVF

        The conventional approach means eggs and sperm are taken together for fertilization. Later, embryos are formed. Ideally, the given approach is suitable for patients who have damaged fallopian tubes, irregular menstrual cycle, or any other infertility issue.

        Initially, the woman is given different medications to stimulate the ovaries and increase the necessary egg count. For embryo transfer, the count of 1 is preferred because transferring more than that increases the risk of multiple pregnancies.

        • Mini IVF

        Are you worried about the excess intake of medications in IVF? If so, mini IVF is the procedure for you. Under this approach, the cost of IVF treatment is lower compared to conventional IVF. The fertility doctor does suggest this approach to patients who have diminished ovarian reserve. Although, there’s an increased risk of OHSS (Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome)

        • Natural IVF

        Do you not want to take any fertility medications? Well, in that case, natural IVF makes the ideal choice. In natural IVF, there won’t be the use of any fertility medications so that there are no after side effects. Patients who have hormone-related cancer and have a religious belief in getting conventional IVF can choose natural IVF.