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      Don’t Say These Things while talking About Infertility

      Don’t Say These Things while talking About Infertility

      इनफर्टिलिटी के बारे में बात करते समय ये बातें न कहें

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        At times when we share something sensitive information with our dear ones or friends, they respond in such a way that it hurts. In that case, the infertile patient also has to deal with this situation. In this article, we have mentioned the things which should not talk about the infertility problem.

        Just adopt

        For some couples, adoption is a wonderful option but this decision should be made in the right way. The emotional cost and financial cost need to be kept in consideration. Also, not for everyone this option is possible as the approval process is needed. So, force the person to opt for this method.

        In case you know someone facing problems conceiving then you should help them get the best infertility treatment.

        Opt for the IVF

        IVF is the best option which can cure various issues of infertility. But, it is not that simple as various things need to be kept in mind. The success of the treatment depends on various factors like age, health, or any health-related issue. The success of the treatment after 35 is low as fertility declines.

        Although if the patient decides to undergo IVF treatment then it is safe and there are no risks involved in it. Make sure whoever is getting the treatment should consult the fertility doctor at the best IVF centre.

        Just relax, stress is triggering infertility

        This is a myth that stress will trigger infertility problems. Many studies have been done on this which showed that stress does not impact the results negatively. If someone is stressed and not getting pregnant then there is no link between it. Stress triggers when they get to know that they are not able to conceive.

        You are lucky you do not have kids

        Infertile couples are not clueless that journey to be a parent is not easy. But saying things like children are messy or loud can make things worse. With a child, life changes completely but this beautiful blessing should not be cursed like this. So, do not make their situation worse by saying things like this.

        You are young! So, try later

        This is not the case always. At times, even at a young age, the couple is not able to conceive because they are facing fertility issues. They cannot conceive until the time it is not treated. Moreover, if the couple waits for longer it will impact their fertility as it declines with age.

        The couple should not take the risk to seek help. It is better that you help them on this journey instead of demotivating them by saying the wrong things.

        You have one child, then why worry?

        Secondary infertility is common which means the couple has one child but when they try again it becomes difficult to conceive. Don’t say such thing that you have one child then why you are trying again. The pain cannot be taken away even if they have one child while conception is not possible the second time. No doubt, they are grateful they are parents but saying such things which them more sad and stressed about the situation.