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      Is Bed Rest An influencing factor in outcome of IVF cycle

      Is Bed Rest An influencing factor in outcome of IVF cycle

      Is Bed Rest An influencing factor in outcome of IVF cycle

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        IVF is the best treatment option when the couple is not able to conceive naturally. Many patients all over the world are opting for this treatment option to become parents. More people talking about the treatment it has made people aware of this treatment option.

        The final step is the treatment is embryo transfer and often many patients have one question regarding this.

        “Should I take proper rest following embryo transfer to increase the conception chances?” Let’s understand this in detail.

        Will bed rest improve success chances?

        Many people think that as the embryo is transferred to the body and putting gravitational force on the body will make the embryo fall out. Well, there is no such thing as the embryo is put completely safe into the womb.

        This is also practical to compare embryo transfer of IVF with the one you conceive naturally. Will the doctor advise you bedrest when you conceive naturally as the implantation is done in the same way when the patient visits the IVF centre. So taking bed rest won’t improve the success chances in any way.

        What do you need to do?

        • Well, this is clear that bed rest is not compulsory after embryo transfer. Surprisingly, it affects the success chances negatively as your body gets into stress about the results when the woman stays in bed.
        • On the other hand, when you stay active and happy it helps the 2 weeks wait period to go smoothly (time between embryo transfer and getting confirmation of conception). So, you should deal with this time in a positive approach.
        • The patient needs to keep in mind what they eat or do will not affect the implantation cycle in any way. This process is a biological one instead of a mechanical one. This is why you need to focus on what your fertility doctor is advising you.
        • Well, the embryo quality and endometrial receptivity will affect the success rate of IVF treatment. There are many medical researches have been done on the theory of bed rest and all show that it is not needed. Although the patient should abstain from strenuous activity for 2 to 3 days. Apart from that getting into a normal working routine is completely fine and there will be no impact on the success chances.

        What does the study show?

        • The studies have found that LBR (live birth rate) was pretty high around 56.7% in the group who did not opt for complete bed rest following the embryo transfer. In other groups, it was around 41.6% who opted for bed rest.
        • This finding has shown significant statistics that need to be followed to improve the success rate. Moreover, the miscarriage rate was also low 18.3% as compared to women who took rest was 27.5%.

        Well, keep in mind the research is done on a limited number of patients as every case is different from others. So, you should not assume things about what needs to be done and how. Always seek medical advice and the way they tell you to do things.


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