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      Myths And Facts To Consider For Increasing The IVF Success

      Myths And Facts To Consider For Increasing The IVF Success

      What are the top myths and facts to consider for increasing the IVF success

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        Myths And Facts: Increasing The IVF Success

        Myth: Success factor cannot be controlled by the IVF cycle

        Fact: This is not true. The results of the IVF cycle are based upon the evaluation of the couple’s reproductive health. The doctor is going to do different tests that help in increasing the success rate of the IVF cycle. Undergoing the proper evaluation in the IVF centre in Punjab can help you get an effective treatment plan.

        • You need to ensure that the uterus is ready which can be examined through ultrasound and implantation is prevented. The tubes need to be clear because the fluid in the fallopian tubes reduced the success chances.
        • One of the studies has shown that success increases when women sleep 7 to 9 hours.

        Myth: Smoking does not affect the success chances of conception

        Fact: This is the biggest myth. When the woman is planning to conceive she needs to quit smoking and drinking. You need to stop smoking at least 6 months when you plan to conceive.

        Myth: Having sex within 24 hours of ovulation will lead to conception

        Fact: The lifespan of the sperm is 72 hours and the egg only lasts for 24 hours. It is advisable to have intercourse at the earliest as ovulation happens because it increases the chances of conception.

        Myth: Have Sex every day and you don’t have to undergo IVF treatment

        Fact: This is the biggest myth. Many couples could not give birth to babies naturally because of the infertility issue. If the couple is trying to conceive and is below the age of 30, then they should try for 1 year before planning to get IVF treatment. In many cases, the chances of conception are increased. However, it is an ideal choice to consult the doctor and then you can have a better understanding of what to do to increase the success rate.

        Myth: Special diet can increase the chances of conception

        Fact: There is no evidence to suggest that any specific diet or herb is needed to increase the chances of conception. It is advisable to consult the doctor on which herbal medicine you need to take. The doctors do suggest following a healthy and balanced diet.

        Additionally, it is essential to manage your weight which can increase the chances of conception. Being overweight or underweight can result in difficulty if you plan to conceive.

        Myth: Suffering from STD does not affect the ability to conceive

        Fact: If you know you are suffering from STD, then you should postpone your plan for conception. Before you plan the treatment, you need to consult the doctor and they will help you understand how you need to plan for the treatment. STD can result in blockage of the reproductive organs in men and women which leads to fertility issues. It is essential to practice safe sex.


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