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      What is egg freezing and explain the need for the egg freezing process?

      What is egg freezing and explain the need for the egg freezing process?

      explain the need for the egg freezing process

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        Egg-freezing is a method used to reduce women’s ability to become pregnant and is also known as mature oocyte cryopreservation. Unfertilized frozen eggs obtained from the ovaries are processed for future use. A frozen egg may be thawed in the uterine (in vitro fertilization) along with the sperm in a study.

        To undergo this treatment, you visit the IVF centre in Punjab. This procedure is done in the infertility clinic under complete observation. In this guide, you will learn everything about egg freezing properly.

        Who is it done?

        If you are unable to get pregnant now but will want to ensure that you get pregnant later, egg freezing is an alternative. In contrast to fertilized egg freezing, egg freezing does not need sperm as the eggs are not fertilized before it is frozen. However, you may have to use fertility medications to allow ovulation as well as embryo freezing, so that you generate enough eggs for recovery.

        Egg freezing can be known if:

        You have a disorder or circumstance that may influence fertility. This may involve sickle cell anemia, inflammatory conditions like lupus, and diversity in ethnicity, for example, transsexual.

        You require chemotherapy treatments or any disease that will impact your ability to have a baby naturally. Many drugs, for example, radiation or chemotherapy may affect fertility. Egg freezing could enable you to have biological children later. You have to undergo this process before treatment.

        In vitro fertilization is taking place. Many may favor egg freezing over embryo freezing for moral or ethical purposes while exposed to in vitro fertilization.

        Of potential consumption, you still want to preserve younger eggs. Freezing eggs in a lesser era may be beneficial when you are about to become pregnant.

        You will attempt to produce a baby with sperm from a partner or sperm donor using your frozen eggs. A donor may be anonymous or known. The egg may even be inserted in another person’s uterus to carry the baby or for pregnancy.

        You have the luxury of freezing your eggs to preserve your fertility. Many and more people plan to build a family later in life, but other complications, including miscarriages and birth defects, are linked with becoming pregnant in their younger years.

        Why do I need to visit your fertility clinic to undergo egg freezing?

        If you want to freeze your eggs, then just visit us once, so that we can give you details about the process. And We sell a special summer kit covering a full freezing period of eggs. Our fertility experts will help you create your biological clock for egg freezing.