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      Everything you need to know about the total cost of IVF treatment

      Everything you need to know about the total cost of IVF treatment

      Guide on IVF treatment cost

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        When you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab, the treatment cost is affordable as compared to other nations. Keep in mind, every patient’s condition is different so that the treatment will vary accordingly, and the cost will be determined according to that. The treatment will include medications, injection, test, or different procedures which need to be performed. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail the cost of IVF treatment.


        Consulting the doctor about the price

        While looking to get the treatment, you need to make sure to choose the best clinic and fertility specialist. Getting detailed information will help you get a better treatment plan. You need to ask the clinic if the price includes:

        • Additional assisted reproductive technologies you may need, like ICSI, assisted hatching, PGT, and testicular sperm extraction
        • Any pre-IVF fertility testing or consultations (the clinic may require you to repeat tests you’ve already had).
        • Cryopreservative of any extra embryos
        • Mock Embryo Transfer
        • Ultrasound monitoring and blood work
        • Fertility medications
        • Pregnancy testing (hCG beta blood work)
        • Yearly storage fees for those frozen embryos


        What is the difference between Full IVF and Mini IVF?

        You should not get confused between conventional IVF treatment, Mini IVF, or micro IVF.

        • With mini-IVF, the patient is given a lower dose of fertility drugs, and less monitoring is needed to check the embryo growth. If you are a couple who need to get IUI then mini-IVF is best for you. Keep in mind, it is not for everyone so consult the doctor to understand what is best for your condition.
        • Mini-IVF allows you to transfer only one embryo. However, the success of mini-IVF is not clear.

        This is where IVF treatment is the best option for patients who are struggling to conceive naturally.


        What are the additional costs included in IVF treatment?

        In some cases, couples can get successful results with just one IVF cycle. But, at times, additional ART technologies are needed which will increase the cost. Couples diagnosed with male infertility need to get ICSI treatment to increase their chances of conception.

        Embryo freezing will include freezing and storage costs which need additional cost. The doctor will tell you in detail the cost of freezing the embryo for one year. By embryo freezing, you can use them in the next IVF cycle you want to undergo. Embryo donation is the least expensive option for donors. It is relatively cheap as compared to one IVF cycle.

        You need to consult the doctor for detailed information and get the treatment plan which increases your conception chances greatly.


        How to pay for IVF treatment?

        Various fertility clinics give effective treatment, but you need to choose the one who can give you different options that increase your conception chances. You are going to spend your time and effort to make the final choice carefully.


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