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      Before & After: How Should You Prepare Yourself For Hysteroscopy?

      Before & After: How Should You Prepare Yourself For Hysteroscopy?


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        Before undergoing any procedure, we all have our doubts and concerns. Similarly, the concern occurs when the patient visits the  Hysteroscopy Centre in Punjab to begin the treatment journey. Most importantly, the concern is about the preparation, including before and after.

        Hysteroscopy procedure

        The hysteroscopy procedure best diagnoses and treats different issues a woman goes through. Most importantly, for uterine fibroids and abnormal bleeding. Hysteroscopy may be suggested to you when you are trying to undergo infertility treatment at one of the best IVF centre in Punjab. The medical expert analyzes the situation for better results and makes sure everything is in a balanced state. Additionally, the procedure works great as an outpatient method and is performed under general anesthesia.

        The hysteroscopy is a thin, light tube with a tiny camera attached on one end & passed through the cervix that goes back to the uterus. The doctor can take a small tissue sample for further evaluation if required.

        Reasons to perform hysteroscopy.

        Some of the possible reasons for hysteroscopy for diagnosis and treatment:

        • Abnormal bleeding
        • Fibroids or polyps
        • The uterine septum that’s a uterus malformation
        • Repeated miscarriage
        • Unexplained bleeding in postmenopausal women
        • Uterine adhesions

        When you visit our Low-cost IVF centre in Bathinda, you are informed about the necessary reasons, and the specific reason that you have a problem will be known.

        Preparation for Hysteroscopy Procedure

        Before the Hysteroscopy

        • Initially, it’s essential to answer all necessary questions that occur in your mind. The medical expert and clinical staff ensure the patients can make an informed decision.
        • Feel free to bring in a list of questions and ask about the same with the doctor.
        • If you are allergic to something, it’s essential to tell the same to the doctor. So, any medications that have something specific won’t be given to you.
        • The procedure is performed under anesthesia, so prepare yourself accordingly.

        After the Hysteroscopy

        • You will have cramping and vaginal bleeding; that’s completely normal.
        • If you have severe pain, fever, heavy bleeding, or discharge, then inform the doctor immediately.
        • After hysteroscopy, you are not allowed to douche or have intercourse.

        The medical expert’s expertise at every step of the treatment journey makes everything much more manageable. Being mindful of every small detail and ensuring you follow the same at every step of the treatment journey, your situation will only improve.

        Schedule your initial consultation

        Do you have uterine fibroids? Or Do you often have abnormal bleeding? If you have difficulty figuring out what to take next or are unable to find out the best possible reason, then schedule an initial consultation at Gem Hospital & IVF Centre to plan the entire process in the most appropriate and best possible manner.