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      Gynae Guide On PCOS And PCOD To Seek Prompt Medical Attention

      Gynae Guide On PCOS And PCOD To Seek Prompt Medical Attention

      PCOS Guide on a patient’s personal journey of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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        The 21st century is about where everyone is looking to get the results and answers at the earliest. But, that way of living has made stress levels much higher. And that the reasons for health concerns have increased by a significant amount. Stress is a common triggering factor of hormonal imbalance among individuals in their mid-20s or 30s. And that’s why women experience the problem of PCOS and PCOD. If you are going through the same, you must consult one of the Best Gynae Doctor in Bathinda to seek the most effective care possible.

        PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

        PCOS means having a greater effect on the hormones when the body begins to release excess amounts of male hormones. The condition can pose a greater hindrance in the conception journey. That’s why you should not delay and consult the medical expert to get the PCOS Treatment in Bathinda without any delay.

        Causes of PCOS

        PCOS exact cause is still not known. But, there’s a possibility that some factors increase the risk of PCOS to a greater extent, like hereditary, low inflammation level, excessive androgen level, and obesity.

        Symptoms of PCOS

        In many cases, the women experience PCOS symptoms through irregular menstrual cycles. Some other common symptoms are heavy bleeding, headache, acne, weight gain, excess hair growth (hirsutism) on the belly, face, and back, skin darkening, and baldness.

        Possible risk factors of PCOS

        Some of the possible risk factors of PCOS are

        • Sleep apnea

        • Weight gain

        • Mood swings and depression

        • Type 2 diabetes

        • Metabolic syndrome

        • High cholesterol and high blood pressure

        • Infertility

        Treatment for PCOS

        The type of treatment that you need depends upon your condition. The possible treatment options best suited for PCOS are:

        • Lifestyle changes

        • Medications

        • Follow active lifestyle

        • Reduce carbohydrate intake

        PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)

        PCOD is another common concern when ovaries get large, leading to inadequate or undeveloped egg production. There’s a possibility that genetic and daily regimens can increase the chances of PCOD. The problem can pose some serious health concerns, so it requires you to get a medical assistant at the earliest.

        Causes of PCOD

        PCOD exact reason is still not known, but there’s a possibility it can happen due to improper lifestyle, low-grade inflammation, excess insulin, excess male production hormone, and genetics.

        Most common symptoms of PCOD

        The symptoms are similar to PCOS, like heavy bleeding, headache, weight gain, skin darkening, facial hair growth, acne, irregular menstrual cycle, and weight gain around the belly area.

        Possible risk factors of PCOD

        Some of the possible risk factors of PCOD are:

        • Infertility

        • Increased risk of endometrial cancer

        • Breast cancer

        • High blood pressure, heart issues, and diabetes

        Treatment for PCOD

        Until now, there has not been an exact solution to this problem. The major factor here is getting involved with the necessary habits that improve the situation. Here are some of the necessary ways that are included in PCOD treatment:

        • Weight management, even 5% to 10%, significantly helps to improve PCOD

        • Gynecologist consultation on time is necessary

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