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      How can sexually transmitted diseases affect both males and females?

      How can sexually transmitted diseases affect both males and females?

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        According to the fertility experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “ The safe sex is not suggested only because of the reason that it helps to prevent pregnancy, but it also helps in preventing the Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs.” If you will not give due attention to this fact, then there are chances that you may end up killing your reproductive capabilities. But if somehow and some-why the infertility is bothering you, then you should visit the gynaecologist and discuss all your doubts about fertility, infertility, IVF and the test tube baby cost in punjab. 


        How can infertility affect both genders?

        More often than not, people ask the question, ‘Can STDs only affect males?’ So the answer to that is NO. Not only the male participants suffer from infertility problems. The male partners also suffer from STDs. The severity of STDs is more in females as compared to males. 


        Effect of STDs on females 

        The bacteria produced by the cervix sits stubbornly on the mucus. This problem may contribute to decreased sperm motility. 

        In some other cases, the STDs also affect the fallopian tubes and even the ovaries by rendering them incapable of performing the desirable functions. 


        Effect of STDs on males 

        When a male participant suffers from STDs then the customary problem faced by them is the decrease in the quality of the sperms. 


        Common STDs suffered by both Genders


        • Chlamydia

        More often than not, young women suffer from this STI. This kind of sexually transmitted infection is asymptomatic. But you can detect its emergence with painful urination. Besides, affecting the genitals and the urinary tract, it also affects the eyes and thus can lead to serious consequences. 


        Do you know? 

        The chlamydia suffering women can pass on the genetic problem to their children. Not only this, but the life of the infant suffering in such cases get on the high verge of the risk. 


        • Gonorrhoea 

        This kind of problem can surely lead to severe complications like premature labour and birth. If not detected at an early stage, then it can lead to infertility and miscarriage like issues. 


        • Human Papillomavirus 

        HPV contributes to the comprehensiveness of the lesions which in turn highly affect the mucous membrane. So practising unprotected sex is not suggested. This STI is divided into various risk levels. There are 14 variations of this infection which are considered as the high-risk type. 


        • HIV OR AIDS 

        These problems can affect both males and females in different ways. When it is about the female, then the early menopause and the abnormalities in the cervical can come into emergence. 

        But as far as the male participants are concerned, then it can lead to the following problems: 

        So be safe!

        You do not want to be suffering from any of the above mentioned STI, so it is suggested that you should practice safe sex always. There are so many methods by which you can practice safe sex. To know more about them, please let us know. Our next article will be on that.


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