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      How do fertility doctors carry out the fundamental fertility work?

      How do fertility doctors carry out the fundamental fertility work?

      How do fertility doctors carry out the fundamental fertility work

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        Earlier the couples who were suffering from infertility issues always ended up adopting the cold since they know having a biological baby is impossible for them. But with the advent of the IVF technique, an IVF Centre in Punjab is offering the best fertility treatment. According to the gynaecologist in Punjab, “ The fertility procedure has helped many couples to save their marriages, since the couples who were earlier facing the fertility issue end divorcing each other so that they can have a baby with the eggs or sperm of the other partner. I know it’s hard to digest, but it’s a harsh truth.

        So what is included in the fundamental fertility work?

        The following things are included in it:

        • Initial consultation

        The initial consultation is crucial for the couple to get comfortable with the gynaecologist or the fertility surgeons. In this period, the medical history of the patients is taken into account. The doctor asks the question so that he can individualize the best fertility plan for the couple. The main aim of the doctor is to complete the procedure in the first cycle itself since the couple gets disappointed with the repeated failures.

        • Blood test and the Pelvic ultrasounds

        Usually, after three of the initial consultations, the blood test of the female participant is taken up to determine the hormonal levels. And with the help of the pelvic ultrasound, the eggs in the ovaries are counted to determine the chances of the success of the procedure. By taking these tests into account, the doctor determines which medications and what dosage will be fit for the patient.

        • AMH Levels

        The AMH levels are considered as the best indicators of the egg supply in the woman. The higher levels of the AMH are always conducive to the high rate of success of the pregnancy. If the AMH levels are decreased, then the doctor individualises the strong fertility plan since the egg reserve of the woman is quintessentially low.

        • HSG Testing

        This is the x-ray due test which helps the doctor to know if the structure is abnormal and the functioning of the main reproductive organs such as the uterus and the fallopian tubes.

        • Semen Analysis

        The semen sample of the male is also taken at this point. Because not every infertility case is associated with the woman. 6 in 10 men are suffering from sperm related problems. But as long as the intensity of the problem is not severe, it is curable but no sooner the problem gets converted to infertility than the process to treat the reproductive serum becomes even more complicated.

        Once the fertility doctor has provided you with the date for the procedure, you should start following the important precautionary measures like abstinence from alcohol and cigarettes, stay miles away from stress and take care of your eating habits.


        For getting the best IVF treatment, please contact us since we are known for the highest success rate in IVF.


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