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      IUI and IVF: Definition and When Do You Need It

      IUI and IVF: Definition and When Do You Need It

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        A couple can face problems conceiving, it can be due to numerous reasons or health problems. However, with the intervention of science and some medical help, your dream to start a family can be achieved. Contact the best IVF center in Punjab and get examined to look for various options that you can use to get pregnant. Generally, IUI and IVF are two methods for artificial fertility treatment.

        What is IUI?

        IUI is an artificial fertility treatment that stands for Intrauterine Insemination. Sometimes, in the natural process, sperm is unable to reach the uterus. To avoid this problem and give sperm a better chance of reaching the uterus, in this treatment, sperm is directly placed in the uterus. 

        For this, seminal fluid is removed by washing semen samples to obtain sperms which are then injected into the uterus directly. This escalates the number of sperms in the uterus as compared to traditional intercourse. 

        This procedure requires only one day and just takes 10 minutes. It is done a day after an ovulation surge. Using a speculum, the cervix is located by your doctor and to inject the sperm sample a thin catheter tube is inserted into the uterus.

        Sometimes medication is prescribed with IUI to increase the chances of conception as it helps stimulate the release of eggs and their development. Choose the best IUI centre in Punjab for getting the right treatment.

        What is IVF?

        IVF is In-vitro Fertilisation which is another artificial fertility treatment and involves more steps as compared to IUI. One follicle is produced each month by your ovaries normally. In IVF, to  increase the number of follicles, a high dose of injectable hormones are taken to achieve the goal of producing 10 to 15 follicles which contain eggs. The number varies due to factors such as age, ovarian reserve and medical history.

        The eggs once they mature are retrieved using a procedure called oocyte retrieval. It is a surgical procedure. Then these eggs are combined with the partner or donor sperm that result in embryos. These embryos are frozen for the future or transferred into your uterus.

        When Do You Need IUI and IVF?

        If you are struggling to get pregnant naturally, then you can opt for IUI and IVF treatment depending on what the doctor suggests. These fertility treatments can also be taken by same-sex couples. Besides this, if you want to become a single parent or need a donor, in such cases also you need IUI and IVF treatment. Depending on your case IUI centre in Punjab can provide and recommend the best treatment.

        Which One is More Suitable?

        IUI and IVF are both used for getting pregnant artificially and both provide successful results depending on your case. Since medical science is now advanced, you can get treatment from the best IVF centre in Punjab and start a family of your own.  

        Getting pregnant naturally can be difficult for both men and women. Women can face issues for conceiving because of irregular periods, genetic problems, irregular ovulation, other health issues, blockage in fallopian tubes, and age. Whereas, in men, family history of infertility, abnormal sperm count, weak sperms, injury and other health problems can cause infertility or make it hard to get their partner pregnant. 


        Both IUI and IVF can prove to be beneficial for you when done correctly. Also, chances of success elevate if you consult the best IVF centre in Punjab. Try to indulge in a healthy way of living by being fit and consuming healthy food to increase natural ability to conceive.