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      Men At The Age Of 30 With Hair Loss Have Lower Sperm Count As Compared To Others

      Men At The Age Of 30 With Hair Loss Have Lower Sperm Count As Compared To Others


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        A study revealed:

        Hair loss and Fertility. Both of these are separate concerns. But did you know these are linked to one another? Several studies are done to understand how it can be a problematic situation or what all measures should be taken. 

        Male Baldness and Fertility

        Study reveals that ‘Bald men fertility is low compared to men with heads full of hair. The results even pointed out that men in their 30s with hair loss have lower sperm count than others.’ No doubt, it’s surprising, but it is accurate, and considering the same, it needs the necessary attention. The given facts came to light through the study:

        • Sperm volume count is around 60% lower as compared to those who have hair loss
        • Hormonal imbalance results in hair loss which impacts semen
        • Every 1 in 7 couples have problem conceiving on their own

        Considering the seriousness of the situation, it is pretty evident that immediate medical treatment is needed for male infertility in Bathinda from the experienced fertility doctor to manage the situation better. 

        Do you have hair loss? It might point towards a lower fertility rate

        Has your hair loss reached the permanent stage? With the Hair transplant in Vizag at the Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Center, you will get an advanced and personalized treatment plan for better managing your condition. 

        Semen quality gets down due to the hormonal imbalance hair loss

        The MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) affects individuals of different age groups, requiring immediate medical attention. Moreover, there has been a link between semen quality & Fertility goes down. 

        Are you worried about your severe hair loss?

        Choose the treatment of Hair transplant in Punjab and get your condition managed effectively. At Profile Forte, you will get a permanent solution to your hair loss. It’s essential to seek the best care on time. 

        One of the theories is, ‘Bald men has increased testosterone level & through male hormones the sex drive increases. On the other hand, it is the reason for hair loss.’

        Considering the study, it has been made evident that sperm volume gets down to 60% due to hair loss condition being in moderate to severe stage. The male pattern baldness can occur due to the change in genetics & hormonal factors. The alarming rate of 40% to 60% tells that immediate attention is needed so that the condition does not get worse. 

        Are you diagnosed with low sperm count?

        If you are planning to conceive, but the low sperm count makes it a hurdle for you, consult the fertility expert at the earliest. At Gem Hospital and IVF Centre in Punjab, under the expertise of Dr. Neera Gupta, you will get a personalized treatment plan to manage your pregnancy journey.


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