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      IVF Successful Treatment: Parenthood With Nil Sperm Count Patient After 6 Years of Marriage

      IVF Successful Treatment: Parenthood With Nil Sperm Count Patient After 6 Years of Marriage

      IVF proved a blessing for many couples Punjab

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        Case: Nil Sperm Count

        Deepti Sharma and Pravesh Sharma have been married for 6 years, like any other couple they also planned to start their family. Both of them were past 30 so they were very excited to have their children. However, the normal route did not work for them the way they wanted it to be.

        Consulting the doctor

        With a reference, they got to know about Gem Hospital and IVF Centre & with the first consultation with our Dr. Neera Gupta (Gynecologist) they got to know they were facing infertility issues. When they get to know about this they were heart-broken and that feeling cannot be described. The feeling of not able to give birth on your own is sad and emotional.

        But with our doctor’s guidance, they got to know about IVF treatment or some might know it by the name of the test-tube baby. When they got to know about the treatment from the IVF centre they were confused but our doctor made them understand how the treatment will be helpful to them.

        Making the tough decision

        Like any other couple, they were also confused about whether to start the treatment from us or they should consult someone else. This is true, that time was very tough or it was the worst part of their life.

        But seriously the Dr. Neera Gupta and her entire team have been a moral and emotional support to them throughout the treatment.

        The couple also said, “There is no denying the fact that choosing the Gem Hospital and IVF Centre came into our life a Boon or Godsend gift in the days when our luck was down. I also cleared all my doubts with the doctor and she listened to me patiently to make sure there is nothing wrong in my mind regarding the treatment. After that, I became positive that I choose the best fertility doctor as she is going to handle everything properly. Not only the doctor but her entire team made me comfortable throughout the IVF journey”.

        Start of the IVF Journey

        Finally, the treatment started which included ultrasounds, fertility medications, and blood tests. The doctor prescribed her medications that helped in stimulating the ovaries and also I need to get injections regularly.

        The treatment was done with the latest methods and technology which helped her to be at ease and most importantly comfortable. Also, undergoing the treatment for the first time she was also very nervous as she did not know what to expect.

        Then came the good news that the couple has been waiting for a long time that embryo transfer was successfully attached to my uterus lining. Hearing “You are pregnant” made her go the seventh heaven. And now the couple is enjoying parenthood days with their little girl.

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        They have been very thankful that they underwent the treatment from Gem Hospital and IVF Centre. The individual attention which they got and suggestions from our fertility doctor helped to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.


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