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      Patient Suffering From Blocked Fallopian Tubes Give Birth To 2 Babies With IVF treatment

      Patient Suffering From Blocked Fallopian Tubes Give Birth To 2 Babies With IVF treatment

      New hope with IVF Treatment

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        IVF Sucess Story – CASE: Blocked Fallopian Tubes

        Every woman dreams to holding her baby. Archana and Shubham were also dreaming to start their own family who has been married for 4 years. But, when they started trying they failed to conceive naturally. With their friend’s guidance, they seek advice from our fertility expert Dr. Neera Gupta (Gynecologist) at the Gem Hospital and IVF Centre Punjab.

        Getting to know the blocked fallopian tube

        When the couple visited our IVF centre, the gynecologist examined her and diagnosed her problem. Different tests were done and when the reason arrived it came to know that Archana has blocked fallopian tubes which is making it difficult for her to conceive.
        Well, this made the couple disappointed and heartbroken. They were not sure what to do and they started panicking that their dream to become parents will not become true.

        Ray of hope with Gem Hospital and IVF Centre

        Despite losing hope, when they visited our fertility clinic which was suggested to them by their friends who have also undergone the successful treatment of IVF.
        Fortunately, they were living in the same city so it made it easy for them to visit our doctor. Without wasting a single minute they consulted the doctor and she suggested to them the option of IVF treatment. The doctor told them in detail about the process. Also, the doctor told her that as both fallopian tubes are blocked so there is no need to treat them as IVF will bypass the need for fertilization in the fallopian tube. The way our doctor handled their doubts and informed them about every small detail gave them a positive vibe.

        Successful Treatment at Gem Hospital and IVF Centre.

        After the detailed information, the couple was ready to undergo the treatment of IVF. Our doctor also informed them that they might need an egg donor because the eggs cannot be retrieved from the blocked fallopian tubes.
        Later, the egg retrieval procedure was planned and everything went accordingly. The eggs were collected and then sent to the lab. Surprisingly, around 10 healthy eggs were there which were then fertilized with the sperm.
        The couple was highly satisfied with the best treatment plan they got and throughout the treatment, our doctor made sure that the latest and modern methods are used only.

        New hope of becoming a mother

        Finally, the embryo transfer was done and then the couple had to wait for 2 weeks to know about the pregnancy test results.

        Back in March 2019 she successfully gave birth to 2 beautiful babies. The couple explained their happiness and gratitude towards the entire team of Gem Hospital and IVF Centre which transformed their dream of becoming parents of healthy babies. The hard work and research of the entire team helped them to get the best treatment plan from our fertility doctor.

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