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      What are the different causes of Infertility which can be treated with IVF?

      What are the different causes of Infertility which can be treated with IVF?


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        Infertility is one of the major concerns among couples and it is one of the major issues which needs to be addressed on time. If you are diagnosed with infertility, then it is important to understand the facts and the reasons behind it. By doing so, you will get to know about the effective treatment plan and which one will be suitable for you. If you are facing problems to conceive successfully then you need to visit the best IVF centre in Punjab. The infertility issue is faced by 1 in 6 couples and it is faced by people of all age groups.

        Consult the experienced fertility doctor

        Infertility is referred to as the condition which affects your chances of conception. With detailed diagnosis and evaluating the patient’s condition will help to put together what is best for you. You need to consult the best fertility doctor as he will give you the best treatment plan for your condition.

        What is the male infertility factor?

        The male infertility factor is linked to sperm issues which include low sperm count, low motility, sperm abnormality, and poor sperm quality. If you are not able to conceive then it means the sperm is not able to get mixed with the semen. If this is the case, then undergoing the IVF treatment is going to improve your condition drastically.

        During male infertility, the surgical treatment helps to take the sperm from the testicles, bypass it from the blockage and use it for fertilization methods. With this condition, the ICSI treatment is used in which healthy & single sperm is selected & injected into the egg.


        What are the female infertility factors?

        The malefactor is linked to the sperm and the female infertility is all about the healthy egg and then it needs to be moved to the uterus so that the sperm can fertilize it. The egg and sperm meet each other and get fertilized which results in embryo formation, this way pregnancy will occur. If at any point the natural process is impacted the chances of pregnancy are declined. This is referred to as infertility and this is where the IVF treatment is going to prove beneficial to improve your conception chances. In all, the reason for female infertility includes the following:

        • Blocked and damaged fallopian tube
        • Uterine fibroids
        • PCOS
        • Endometriosis


        Ovulation Disorder

        To check the ovulation condition, the infertility doctor is going to follow up the blood test to check the FSH level in the blood along with LH. Both these hormones are important for the eggs to get ripen and it will get detached from the ovary. The quality of the egg is going to decline after a certain age.

        If your egg quality has declined or the ovarian reserve has diminished then the chances of conception will decline. If you are over the age of 40 then your conception chances are going to reduce.


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