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      What Is An ICSI Procedure? In How Many Stages Is It Divided?

      What Is An ICSI Procedure? In How Many Stages Is It Divided?

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        ICSI is one of the reproductive assisted procedures which helps couples to deal with various infertility issues. It does not only help the males to cope up with the various kinds of ejaculation issues but it is also responsible for improving the quality of the eggs and boosting the fertile capabilities.

        There are so many questions which the people are asking the fertility specialists of the IVF centre in Punjab concerning the mechanism of the ICSI procedure.

        So in this blog post, we have intended to make the patients aware of how the ICSI procedure is carried out at fertility clinics in Bathinda.

        Ovarian stimulation

        This stage aims at making the eggs-to-be extracted to have all the necessary characteristics that are responsible to conceive a healthy baby.

        This stage is crucial for the entire conception process since it prepares the female in the best way to carry the delivery to the end without facing any difficulties.

        Egg retrieval

        Once the ovaries are stimulated, the next step is to extract the eggs. Before the egg collection procedure is to be performed, the doctor may advise the couples to avoid indulging in the intercourse act.


        Certain injections and medications will be provided to the females so that the progesterone hormone present in the body can get boosted because of which the capabilities of the womb get increased to hold the eggs more efficiently.


        This procedure is a little bit different from other medical procedures. Since it is performed with a single sperm, the lab officials have to be extremely strict to carry out the procedure. The very next morning, the eggs are supposed to be examined under the microscope so that the fertilization process can get completed.

        Embryo transfer

        After noticing the behaviour of each fertilized egg, the doctors are supposed to transfer the eggs to the womb. Usually, they are kept under observation for at least 5 days. Once the fertilized egg has passed 5 days, then these are called a blastocyst.

        Pregnancy test

        The females are supposed to do a pregnancy test after 2 weeks off the procedure. Usually, some women do not wait for 2 weeks and start checking if they’re pregnant or not with the pregnancy kits, but it is the super wrong thing which they do. 90% of the women do not get pregnant within 2 weeks, so they are advised not to check before the doctor’s advice. It is because of the fact, the females, when encountering the single line on the pregnancy test kits, get stressed about not having conceived. And stress is something that has to be avoided during the pregnancy.

        Bottom Line

        If you want to know about this process in detail then please let us know. We have in-depth information about the ICSI procedure which we would be super glad to share with the users who are willing to know about that.