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      5 Step ICSI procedure – Retrieval, Injection, Incubation and Transfer

      5 Step ICSI procedure – Retrieval, Injection, Incubation and Transfer

      ICSI Centre in Bathinda

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        According to the experts of the IVF Centre in Punjab, “If it is becoming difficult for the males to provide the sperm in the good quality and the quantity necessary to fertilise the egg, then before IVF, ICSI procedure will be taken into account.” This procedure aims at escalating the chances for conception. Now the readers must be thinking, how do they know when they are supposed to visit the fertility clinic in Ludhiana. The individuals should opt for ICSI when they are:

        • Not able to provide the right quantity of the sperms
        • When the sperms are not motile
        • When the couples are not suffering from azoospermia
        • When the male mating partner is finding it difficult to get erected

        What is the mechanism of the successful ICSI Procedure?

        The procedure will only be called the successful if it is going through the following kinds of stages:

        So let’s begin with the procedure:

        Step 1: Sperm Retrieval

        In this stage, the males will be asked to ejaculate in the special cup. The semen sample will be examined in the lab. And from the sample, the best kinds of sperms will be cohen for the fertilisation process.

        Did you know?

        Many couples opt for freezing the sperm. Sometimes they are not sure in the beginning whether they will be able to produce healthy sperms in the future or not and thus they go for freezing the sperms.

        Step 2: Egg Retrieval

        The eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the eagles. This retrieval is done through the needle and the ultrasound probe.

        Note: The egg retrieval will not at all be painful, as the woman may experience certain bruising or sore sensations.

        Step 3: Sperms and Egg Fusion

        In this stage, the extracted sperm are infused into the eggs. The injection is done with the help of the finest needle.

        Please Note!

        After injection, it may take 24 hours for the sperm to fertilize the egg.

        Step 4: The Traits Of The Embryo Are Monitored

        Immediately after the egg has gotten fertilized, it will be kept in the lab for at least 6 days for observation. At this time, various signs and symptoms of growth and development are noticed in the eggs.

        Note: Not only one egg is injected with sperms. Many eggs are fertilised. But only the embryo with the best characteristics is implanted in the embryo.

        Step 4: Transfer of Embryos

        Once the surgeons are satisfied that the female is capable to carry the pregnancy forward with the particular embryo, then the transfer process is done.

        Step 5: Pregnancy Check

        No matter whether it is IVF or ICSI procedure, the doctors always suggest the females check the pregnancy once the two weeks have passed since this procedure is performed.

        For good two weeks, the pregnancy test kit can’t determine the HCG levels, so the tests will always emerge to be negative.

        Final Comments!

        To know which Do’s and Don’ts should you follow in the recovery period, please stay tuned with our blog posts.


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