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      For which fertility treatments, Gem Hospital & IVF centre is famous?

      For which fertility treatments, Gem Hospital & IVF centre is famous?

      _All about - The Fertility Treatments

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        According to the experts working in the Gem hospital and the IVF centre in Punjab, “Infertility treatments are required to step in the life of the couples where the natural ways have come out to be completely ineffective. But many couples still don’t know what exactly happens in infertility treatments.”

        In infertility treatments, the embryo is being formed by injecting the sperm into the eggs.

        Here in this article, we are going to talk about the processes which are being carried out at the famous fertility clinic in Bathinda.

        • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)

        It is considered the first-line treatment. This treatment involves the hormonal treatment which is given to the wife so that she can ovulate in the required way.

        After that, the semen sample of the male partner is acquired from which the sperms with the best characteristics will be chosen and will be injected into the eggs with the help of the specialized sterile tube.

        Based on the medical factors and the conditions of the patient, it is decided whether there is a chance of achieving success through the procedure or not. If the changes would be less than significant, then the doctors will never guide you wrong and always keep you up with realistic expectations.

        • IVF (In-Vitro-Fertilisation)

        IVF is a highly invasive procedure. Unlike the IUI procedure, it extracts both the required elements (eggs and the sperms) from the bodies. After the eggs and sperms are extracted, then these are fused to form the embryos. In the IVF procedures, multiple embryos are formed which are then kept under observation. In the end, the embryo has the best traits and whose chances are to survive through the pregnancy is aimed at being implanted in the uterus.

        ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

        In this case, it is the male partner who is suffering from infertility issues. And because of him, the difficulties are being faced in the conception, then no process other than the ICSI will be best suitable for this. This procedure can’t be accomplished until the clinic has highly advanced and modern features equipped with the latest technology.

        But if you are visiting us at Gem hospital and IVF centre, then you can surely become assured that the procedure will be a success for you.

        Why should couples only visit Gem hospital and IVF centre?

        Here are a few of the important points which can convince the people of why should they visit us for infertility treatment:

        • We are recognized

        As far as the success of fertility treatments is concerned, then you will always find the name of the Gem hospital on top.

        • We always opt for the compassionate approach

        The couple patients always went away so satisfied with the treatment, since the team of the doctors always opted for the compassionate approach in treating the patients.

        • We are equipped with the latest technology

        For carrying out all the procedures with huge success we always make sure that we are equipped with the right technologies that are not only modern but have all the upgraded features.

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