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      IVF Story: Know How Dr. Neera Gupta help This Couple to conceive a baby

      IVF Story: Know How Dr. Neera Gupta help This Couple to conceive a baby

      Success of conceiving a baby Punjab

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        Hi, I am Manisha and I am infertile, my husband and I are struggling to have a baby naturally, but we are unable to conceive a baby. After 3 years of unprotected sexual intercourse, we realized that something is not ok. And then we started talking to fertility specialists as well as visit the IVF centre, but we did not get success. And then my friend refers us to Dr. Neera Gupta (Gynaecologist) and at that time I was about 33 years old. She is such a nice person who treated us well, and that was an amazing experience at Gem Hospital and IVF centre.

        During the first consultation.

        Once we have done with talk to a doctor, she recommends me to undergo certain tests so that they can get a piece of information about the exact reason behind infertility condition. Then we get to know that I am suffering from Endometriosis and I need to go with its treatment procedure so that I can conceive a baby.

        We began with IUI and underwent almost 4 rounds, and after all the shots and meds my body could take, I only got a few follicles to expand entirely. Finally, I was diagnosed with endometriosis and reduced ovarian reserve after a laparoscopic procedure.

        Well, endometriosis is a condition, which makes you unable to conceive a baby naturally. This condition can be treated with the help of laparoscopic surgery. And I took this treatment to get rid of the endometriosis problem.

        How I conceive a baby at Gem Hospital and IVF centre?

        After a few months of preparation for IVF, I finally got 2 mature follicles for fertilization with the help of , injections and drugs. only then, we decide to go further. Well, there’s one thing you like about IVF. They said that most people would never even suggest undergoing IVF with just 2 mature eggs, but in your case, it was really a miracle.

        And then fertilization took place to produce healthy embryos. And then finally after implantation, I conceive a baby. But this is not the end, because of certain circumstances I experienced miscarriage. That was too heartbreaking for me and my husband too. We broke and decided to not trying again. And we start our daily life without trying again.

        One day, my doctor called me and told me that there are still chances of conception with donor eggs. At first, we deny, but after getting proper knowledge we decide to visit Dr. Neera Gupta again.

        Conception with donor eggs.

        Yes, then we go for donor eggs because I was unable to produce healthy eggs after miscarriage. Everybody said that it is too difficult to conceive a baby with donor eggs. I remember our doctor saying that we had about high chances of success.

        And finally, I gave birth to a baby girl and her name is Priya. We are too happy with Dr. Neera Gupta’s service and her team did their work too well. They always make us feel special and they appreciate us too so that we can stay positive in any situation.

        Thanks to Gem Hospital and IVF centre to make us parents of a baby girl even after several complications.