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      Popular Misconceptions about IVF

      Popular Misconceptions about IVF

      Popular Misconceptions about IVF

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        IVF is one of the most popular fertility treatments which have helped couples all over the world to increase the chances of conception. But, still, there are many people who are not aware of the treatment in detail which can lead to different misconceptions. In this guide we have mentioned them in detail.

        When a patient visits our IVF center, they have various questions in their mind regarding the IVF. Sometimes the information they get from different sources is not true which can lead to different misconceptions. So, to make people aware of the treatment our IVF doctor has mentioned in detail the different misconceptions.

        • Medications or drugs will take all the eggs and can also lead to early menopause.

        Normally, the eggs continue to grow at the starting of the menstrual cycle. In this case, only one egg gets matured and it is released from the ovary and the rest of them degenerate. But, with the IVF injections, the eggs will stimulate and they will get matured so that they can be used with the treatment. Additionally, the menopause will not be affected.

        • IVF medications can cause cancer

        All the medications or drugs given in the treatment are eliminated within one month. Many studies that have been done in the past have shown that the medications will not result in any cancer.

        Just make sure you seek help from the best fertility doctor to have a better understanding of the entire process.

        • Babies born through IVF are not normal mentally and physically

        Studies have shown that babies who are born naturally have a 2 percent chance of having malformation. However, the chances of this condition are very less with this treatment. This is because the abnormal embryos do not grow and even cannot be implanted in the uterus.

        Our fertility doctor will make sure to choose the best quality embryo which helps to increase the conception chances.

        • IVF treatment needs complete bed rest

        Both the embryo transfer and egg retrieval procedure are daycare which means they need around 3 to 4 hours. The patient needs to avoid strenuous exercise so that the body does not get into more stress. But, that does not mean the patient needs to have proper bed rest during the embryo implantation. The patient needs to have a proper routine so that it can help to increase the pregnancy rate.

        • IVF results in high-order pregnancy

        The number of embryo transfers can be limited and this way multiple pregnancies can be prevented.

        Always make sure that you choose the reliable and experienced fertility doctor who will help you give an effective treatment plan. The doctor will understand your condition and then customize the treatment to increase the conception chances.


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