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      Obesity And Infertility

      Obesity And Infertility

      Obesity And Infertility

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        In some cases, the woman is not able to conceive naturally because of certain kinds of health issues. Infertility issues can also trigger due to obesity. However, when you lose some weight it helps the couple to get pregnant by undergoing fertility treatment. Read the guide to learn more.

        What is obesity?

        Obesity is referred to as overweight which is very common these days. This problem is all over the globe. The overweight affects both men and women which in turn impacts reproductive health also.

        Various studies have shown that during the reproductive age around 23% of women face the issue of obesity. The issue of obesity is more common in female infertility as compared to male infertility.

        Fortunately, the issue of infertility can be addressed by undergoing fertility treatment. In this case, the procedure of IVF is the best to improve the conception chances drastically. If you are also planning to conceive but facing troubles for a long time, then visit our IVF centre and consult our fertility expert to get a reliable treatment plan.

        The relation between overweight and fertility

        Overweight is termed as excess body weight which is not considered ideal according to the individual’s age. If you are not sure how to know if you are overweight or not then you should see it through BMI (Body Mass Index).

        As per BMI, if the value is greater than 25 kg/m2 then the person is overweight and if the value is more than greater than 30 kg/m2, then the person is obese.

        The BMI is calculated by using the weight and height of the individual. Moreover, obesity can also increase problems like heart ailments, diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. All these issues are very common in women to increase the possibility of infertility.

        How women ‘s fertility gets affected by obesity?

        The obesity issue is better seen when women complain about the menstrual disorder, infertility, unexpected pregnancy outcome, or miscarriage. All such issues affect the reproductive function and decline the fertility rate.

        Well, this not only impacts the women but even men who are overweight will also face issues. In such cases, the sperm count is affected along with hormonal levels.

        Fortunately, the In-Vitro-Fertilization treatment is the best hope for the patients to improve the conception chances drastically.

        Seek help from our fertility expert

        Our fertility expert will help to address your problem. She will give you a reliable treatment plan along with suggesting some lifestyle changes. In many cases, when the women lose weight it becomes easy for her to conceive.

        The IVF treatment is the best hope for infertile patients as it is the most effective fertility treatment. For more information, book your initial consultation with our fertility expert today only!