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      Different strategies which help the patient to manage work along with IVF treatment

      Different strategies which help the patient to manage work along with IVF treatment

      Working along with IVF treatment

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        So, you have decided to undergo fertility treatment but wondering how will you manage the work. No doubt, to undergo the treatment you need patience and proper time is needed. At the time, patients think that it would be difficult for them to manage the work and the treatment side by side.

        They worry about what they will tell in their office when they need to visit the IVF centre. Do not worry, as your IVF doctor will also help you manage the time properly and schedule appointments accordingly. 

        • Determine how much time is needed

        – The first thing is that realistically look at your condition. You need to find out how much time is needed for egg retrieval and embryo transfer.

        In case you are involved in a physical job then ask the care team to give you more time. Additionally, it is important to manage stress both emotionally and physically.

        – Even before the procedure starts women start assuming negative things and they wonder how the body will react to the medications. Well, everybody is different so the effect will be different. In case you can take 7 to 10 days off before egg retrieval then does it. If you like you want to keep things private then take off these days.

        • Prepare a plan before talking with the boss

        If you a workable plan before talking with the boss then it is even better. You should have concrete ideas with you so that you can manage the lost time or if you are coming late to work then how you will handle the work. This will you will be more calm and confident when you discuss with your boss regarding taking off.

        • Decide how much you want to tell

        Everybody has their personal opinion that how much they want to tell. It not legally important to tell the reason. You can tell them that you are undergoing serious treatment and you need to visit the doctor for close monitoring so you need off.

        • Keep in mind what you need to tell

        You should keep in mind what you need to tell your co-workers and seek suggestions from people who have undergone the treatment. They will also let you know how you handle the situation and how you can keep things private.

        You can also tell that you will be taking new medications so careful monitoring is needed so that possible side effects are managed.

        • Self-care is important

        It can be stressful to manage everything. You need to make sure you take time for yourself in between the treatment and the work. Take time to do stuff which you like the most. It can be anything like reading a book or watching a movie. It is your wish how you can take all the stress away.

        You can also discuss with your doctor how much time is needed for every procedure and adjust things in that way.

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