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      All About Egg Retrieval – Do’s And Don’ts And Mechanism Of The Procedure

      All About Egg Retrieval – Do’s And Don’ts And Mechanism Of The Procedure

      Everything About - Egg Retrieval

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        First of all, the females are injected with the HCG injection. Once 36 hours have passed, the eggs are retrieved (obtained) from the ovaries.

        A Note By Fertility Specialists

        The fertility specialists of the famous IVF Centre in Punjab are of the view “If the patient is taking some kind of the medication, then the doctor performing the egg retrieval should be informed about that. It is important since the doctor will guide you whether you should be taking those medications on the day of the egg retrieval or not.”

        Do Not Eat Or Drink Anything

        According to the famous gynaecologist practising in Fertility Clinic In Bathinda, “The patient is advised not to eat or drink anything as of midnight before carrying out the egg retrieval procedure.”

        The Anaesthetic Sedation

        During the egg retrieval procedure, the patient will receive a mild sedative in the arm. It is one of the ways to inject the patient with the light anaesthetic sedation

        Vaginal Cleaning

        Once the sedation is done, then the vagina is washed with the sterile water solution to make sure that it does not have any bacterial presence.

        Egg Collection

        With the guidance of the ultrasound, the needle is placed in the ovary and then the eggs are collected from the follicles in a test tube and then these are sent to the lab. For the accomplishment of the whole procedure, it nearly takes around 30 minutes.

        Did you know?

        Since it is an invasive kind of procedure, the patient still does not undergo any kind of giant discomfort. Some mild discomfort is quite normal to happen.

        Sperm Sample

        On the same day, when the eggs are to be retrieved, the male will be asked to prove a sample of his semen from which the sperm with the best characteristics I’ll be chosen.


        The male is advised not to engage in any kind of ejaculatory activity for at least 3 days before giving the sample.

        Another Situation

        In case the frozen sperms are being used, then they will thaw as soon as the eggs are being retrieved.

        Recovery After Retrieval

        It is an outpatient procedure that allows the females to go home after spending 2 hours in the hospital. But it is to be ascertained that someone is available to drop the patient home as the female will be under the sedation of anaesthesia.

        As far as the recovery is concerned, then it is quick.

        Discomfort Post Egg Retrieval

        The patients may experience some kind of discomfort in the following forms:

        • Pelvic heaviness
        • Soreness
        • Cramping
        • Spotting
        • Irregular menstrual period

        How Should The Patients Treat The Discomfort?

        The following things will make you feel better and ease the recovery:

        • If you are experiencing mild sensations of pain, then make use of either the heating pad.
        • If the discomfort is increasing, then ask your physician to provide you with certain medications.
        • Do not lift heavy things up