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      What are the reasons to get fertility preservation and how to preserve it?

      What are the reasons to get fertility preservation and how to preserve it?

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        Fertility Preservation

        Fertility preservation is nothing less than a miracle for all those who want to conceive but not at the moment. It’s the availability of different treatment options which is helping all those couples who are either having difficulty conceiving on their own or want to get pregnant later in life. Fertility preservation keeps that hope alive for the couples so that the journey goes with ease & there is not much difficulty. If you would like to know which fertility preservation method is best for you then better schedule your initial consultation at one of the leading IVF centre in Bathinda.

        What are the reasons for fertility preservation?

        Fertility preservation comes as the first choice for all those individuals diagnosed with cancer. The cancer treatment includes chemo sessions, radiotherapy which are known for putting a direct impact on the reproductive organs. Apart from affecting the reproductive organ, there are increased chances of infertility.

        Are you diagnosed with cancer?

        If you are diagnosed with cancer, better discuss the right fertility preservation method for your condition by scheduling an initial consultation at the Best IVF Centre in Punjab.


        Battling cancer is difficult, but that does not mean that you have to discard every other thing in life. It’s important to be slightly more careful in doing things and taking the necessary measures on time.

        Additional reasons to get fertility preservation

        • Diagnosed with a genetic condition that directly impacts fertility

        • Have an autoimmune condition

        • The biological clock is ticking

        Even if you are not ready at the moment, better preserve your fertility for the future to make your fertility go in the right direction.

        Which are the options available for fertility preservation?

        Well! The options are endless. But, depending on what your condition is, you will be told about the right choice. To take yourself on the right path make sure to schedule an initial consultation with the doctor. It’s better to choose on time to preserve your fertility. Here is the list of fertility preservation methods:

        • Embryo freezing

        The embryos are frozen which can be used in later life once you are ready to conceive. The process includes stimulating the eggs and fertilization is done in a controlled environment which forms healthy embryos. It is thawed till time women are not ready to conceive.

        • Ovarian tissue freezing

        This approach will affect the ovaries & it’s one of the latest methods used in preserving fertility. As the name suggests, ovarian tissues are frozen which are taken from the ovary. This approach includes restoring the hormones and everything is kept in a feasible place.

        • Egg freezing

        Egg freezing is another great choice when viable eggs are stored. In case, the individual’s egg quality is not right then a donor egg or donor embryo is used. You can discuss the donor egg or donor embryo option with the fertility expert if your fertility health is not right.

        • Sperm freezing

        Sperm freezing can be done in men who are getting cancer or testicular surgery. Such treatment options have the use of radiation which can hurt the sperm. To prevent such a scenario, the option of sperm freezing is suggested.

        Discuss the best choice by consulting the doctor

        No need to keep yourself in dilemma…Consult the experienced fertility doctor at Gem Hospital & IVF Centre to get the right treatment option for fertility preservation.