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      What is cosmetic gynecology? What are the options for cosmetic gynecology?

      What is cosmetic gynecology? What are the options for cosmetic gynecology?

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        What is Cosmetic Gynaecology?

        Cosmetic gynecology is the medical approach to address vaginal problems. For this, both surgical and non-surgical options are included. Although, its approach is still new in India. With cosmetic gynecology, it helps women to feel beautiful about the way they look. In this medical field, both surgical and non-surgical treatment options are included. With this, the sexual problem in females is also addressed. If you would like to know about the treatment then you should consult our gynae. Indeed, medical advancement has proven a boon in several ways and if you would like to experience the same then consult our medical expert.

        Non-surgical treatment options

        • Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser
        • Vaginal Rejuvenation with Radiofrequency
        • Laser Vulvar whitening
        • Laser vulvar skin Tightening
        • Fillers and injectables
        • G-Spot Amplification
        • O-Shot® for female Sexual quality enhancement

        Surgical treatment options

        • Hymenoplasty
        • Labia Minora Plasty
        • Labia Majora Plasty
        • Clitoral Hoodectomy
        • Vaginal Tightening with Single Thread technique
        • Labia Majora Augmentation by fat grafting

        Cosmetic gynecology treatment

        • Vaginal Rejuvenation

        Many women experience the issue of vaginal looseness which is likely to lead to sexual problems. The condition can occur due to obesity, advanced age, menopause, and childbirth.

        In this condition, the vaginal opening can stretch and the vaginal floor becomes weak. Due to vaginal prolapse, the ligaments, muscles, and skin of the vaginal area can become weak. The problem can reach the situation where the vagina comes out from its place. In such a case, vaginal reconstruction surgery is required.

        What are the symptoms of vaginal prolapse?

        • Vaginal bleeding
        • Painful intercourse
        • Recurrent urinary tract infection
        • Problem emptying the bowel
        • Problem emptying the bladder
        • Frequent urinary tract infection

        Labia Minora reduction

        Labioplasty of the labia minora is known as reducing the excess skin or prepuce from the clitoris. The enlargement of the protruding minora can lead to problems wearing certain clothing, physical activity can come with discomfort, problems during sexual intercourse, and there can be aesthetic issues.


        Hymenoplasty is the treatment approach in which hymen is reconstructed. The hymen is repaired when there are sexual issues and in some cases, it can be suggested due to cultural or religious issues. So, for the hymen restoration, the hymenoplasty can be suggested by the doctor.

        G-Spot Augmentation

        GSA is another cosmetic approach that helps to amplify or augment the G-spot by using the engineered collagen. It contains collagen (biological and natural substances) which helps in improving the sexual experience. This procedure is performed in the office which takes around 15 minutes and its effect will last for around 4 months. Although, the results can vary from patient to patient.

        Consult our medical expert

        If you would like to improve your cosmetic appearance in gynecology then it is possible. Depending on your condition, the doctor will suggest which approach will be best for you. Book your initial consultation with our gynae to get started with the treatment plan to feel better and confident about yourself irrespective of what your age is!


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