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      What are the different types of tests done to check fertility problems?

      What are the different types of tests done to check fertility problems?

      female fertility treatment

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        Are you diagnosed with infertility? You must be wondering what next step you need to take or how the doctor will check the fertility issue. For that, you need to visit the best IVF Centre in Punjab and consult the doctor about what treatment plan will suit your condition the best. The fertility doctor will guide you about the treatment plan in detail and suggest to you the options which improve your chances of conception.

        When a couple consults the fertility expert, their main question is regarding what tests they need to get and how much will the test tube baby cost. On average, the treatment costs around Rs 50,000 and it can go higher, depending on your condition & what is the reason for infertility.

        Getting The Detailed Information About Infertility

        For the female fertility

        Before the doctor starts the treatment, she will gather all the necessary information about your reproductive health, for both men and women. The fertility doctor will check the hormone levels in the body, ask you to come for the initial sonogram, and check how your menstrual cycle is progressing.

        What are the reasons which can affect a woman’s fertility?

        • Uterine abnormality
        • Age
        • Infertility
        • Certain medical problem
        • Hormonal Imbalance
        • And much more

        For the male fertility

        To check the male fertility, the doctor will ask you to get the semen analysis and check the sperm precisely.

        What are the different types of blood tests to check the hormones?

        • Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

        FSH is produced by both men and women. This needs to be done on the 2nd or 3rd day of your cycle. Through this test, it helps to check if there is any problem with ovarian reserve.

        • Luteinizing hormone (LH)

        LH helps in regulating the egg production and menstrual cycle which helps to point out the ovulation. The doctor will get this test done to make sure that the LH level is not increased during the ovulation cycle.

        • Anti-mullerian hormone (AMH)

        AMH is produced by the granulosa cells which are present in the ovarian follicles. Through this, the woman’s egg supply is checked. In case, the AMH level is extremely lower than normal it tells that the woman has a poor ovarian reserve.

        • Estradiol

        Women’s bodies need estrogen in the right amount to keep fertility in the right place. However, when the levels get too high or too low, then women will have problems conceiving naturally.

        • Testosterone

        Testosterone is produced naturally in women’s bodies. However, when it gets high then it means women have PCOS which can lead to fertility problems.

        We look forward to helping you!

        If you are struggling with infertility, then we are here for you. We have a team of fertility experts and skilled staff who will help you tirelessly during your fertility treatment to boost your chances of conception. For further information or any query about fertility treatment, feel free to talk with our doctor any time.

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