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      Infertility: What are the various reasons for fertility problems in males?

      Infertility: What are the various reasons for fertility problems in males?

      Infertility What are the various reasons for fertility problems in males

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        Male infertility means your male partner is unable to get you pregnant. In this case, you need to visit the IVF centre in Punjab, so that you can get the right treatment for your condition.

        Let’s have a look at reasons.


        Antioxidant-rich food can help male fertility. Food with antioxidants may include formerly known cheese that is rich in vitamin A, fish (omega-3), oranges contain a high amount of vitamin C, sunflower seed (vitamin E), and broccoli (folic acid).

        Additives and steroids

        Dietary supplements are not to be taken without a specialist or medical guidance about the safety and fertility effects. Testosterone injections and the preparations of other steroids can seriously damage the development of sperm. Excessive coffee consumption may also have an effect, particularly if the fertility issue is underneath.


        If your BMI is over 30, then it can affect the production of semen, as it can overwhelm and impact the androgens’ metabolism, in particular testosterone, as fat deposits (hormones that function in male characteristics and sexual activity). This triggers significant changes in the production of sperm and sperm DNA in the nucleus.

        Genital injury

        Injury to the testes should be treated promptly. In sports where tests are not properly protected, men should take extreme care of, including horse riding, martial arts, and cycling.


        The widening of the scrotal sack veins raises the temperature of the samples and affects the consistency and sperm production. A typical aspect of the male infertility examination is the diagnosis and care for this disease.

        Smoking and drug substances

        Nicotine and opioid receptors in testicular tissues have a major adverse impact on semen. It affects the consistency and fertilization capacity of semen in the body and induces a troubling equilibrium in the body called oxidative stress. Cocaine distorts semen and motility as well. Quitting smoking, alcohol, and other illegal drug use only after a few months of discontinuation reverses most sperm impact.


        In certain cases, male infertility happens due to STIs, such as sexually transmitted infections, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, and ureaplasma. Genital infection from these microorganisms leads to the semen production changes, whereas serious and recurrent instances may be triggered by a blockage. Any sign of infection must be diagnosed, and antibiotics should be treated aggressively.


        According to recent research or study, undergoing cancer treatment such as radiation or chemotherapy leads you to fertility problems. Radiation therapy greatly affects male infertility and makes them unable to be fathers naturally. In this case, you need to talk to the specialist, so that you can get information on fertility-preserving factors. He may suggest you go with the sperm freezing and other advanced methods, such as testis biopsy or spermatogonial extraction and freezing. These are the best part of the fertility preservation protocol.

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